…and one more makes five

9 May
The other bottom incisor broke through on the weekend, and now we’re starting to actually see some tooth there.  Jade is so smiley that lots of the other moms who come through the daycare laugh when they see her — she often asks them for hugs, and you can imagine what that does to them.  Yesterday, one of the moms going by said, "Hi Smiley!" (which I often hear), and then, "Oh my goodness, she has such cute teeth!"  I must say, I’ve never heard that particular compliment before, but hey, I’ll take it!
On Sunday, Jade came to church with me so that Michael could relax at home.  (It was his 30th birthday.  Did we fail to mention that he had a 30th birthday?  Yes, well, he did.)  At the French mass, the priest gives out small buns to the kids who are too young to participate in communion.  This was the first time that Jade got one.  At first, she just kind of slobbered all over it, but she eventually figured out how to use her teeth to tear off small bits that she could eat.  She discovered how to use her teeth!  I wonder if she had an "Aha!" moment along the lines of, "So that’s what they’re for!"

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