A fun and games weekend

22 May
Our little family had a fabulous long weekend. 
Our friend Nicole flew up from Edmonton for a short but sweet visit.  We really enjoyed having Nicole here because she was so relaxing to have around.  Not to mention that she brought yummy cookies and cornbread with her.  Mmmm.  Apparently the way to our hearts is through our stomachs.
Saturday morning we headed out to Skagway, to ride the famous White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, stopping at Emerald Lake and Carcross along the way.  We arrived in Skagway in good time, had a quick lunch, and boarded our train, bound for the summit of the White Pass.  This was a big weekend for the train, as it is the first operating weekend of the season, and the weekend when they give a 75% discount to any Yukoners taking the trip.  We did the Summit ride last year with Chris and Jenn, but I saw a lot less of it this time, glancing out the window now and then as I was herding our busy 15-month-old up and down the aisle.  (Jade, of course, missed her afternoon nap in the busyness of the train ride; she had a bit of a melt-down toward the end of the trip and finally fell asleep in Michael’s arms.)
Michael abandoned us girls on Sunday for an adventure-race training day, but we had a good time without him.  We did some sight-seeing around town (although unfortunately everything is closed here on Sundays) and had a short hike on the trails around Miles Canyon.  Hiking is a much less direct activity now with Jade doing her own walking.  She was fascinated by the crocuses, the bear-berry plants, and the endless drop from the trail down into the canyon (gulp!).  We didn’t get very far, but we got to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and summery weather.  When Michael got home we decided to turn the rest of the evening into a games night.  Our friend Mike (also on the adventure race team) brought over Citadels, a great board game (although played with cards, no board) that we had never tried before.
And finally there was Monday, a day so beautiful and sunny that I spent the whole time in shorts and a t-shirt.  Nicole was leaving Whitehorse in mid-afternoon, so we squeezed in a visit to the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre before lunch.  Once again I didn’t see much of it, as Jade was busy running around with a stuffed dromedary and a plastic rhino from the kids’ section.  In the afternoon, our friends Eric and Asheya (and their 16-month-old son) came over with Settlers of Catan, which we played between bouts of child-tending.
And that just about sums up a long weekend with a toddler.

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