No car in Whitehorse = bad

29 May
I am so stressed out today. 
Michael left for Nahanni Butte on Friday and Jade and I had a fine weekend together.  We spent lots of time outside in the sunshine and I even got the house cleaned up.  But it took me until 8 o’clock last night to arrange for transportation for me and Jade to get to work and daycare respectively.  (I tried out the bike with trailer for the first time yesterday and it was great, but there’s no way I could get up that big hill three days in a row.) 
Thanks to Richard and Marusia and to Jen and Dave, it looks like we’ve got rides every day, but the fact that it’s throwing our schedules a bit and that I’m putting my friends to such trouble and that the stupid part for the car won’t arrive in Whitehorse until late NEXT week (if not even later)… and I am wishing I didn’t have to go to work at all this week.  I’d use my holiday time, but what a pathetic use of holiday time.
I didn’t have this much trouble getting around Ottawa, and Whitehorse is a fraction of the size!  Okay, so I didn’t have a kid yet either, but I’m not letting that get in the way of my griping today.

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