Bike to Work (part deux)

5 Jun
Since the car is still in the shop (because we are awaiting delivery of the crucial part) and we decided to return the rental vehicle and make do with other means of transportation, and because this is, after all, the week of the Commuter Challenge, I biked to work today.  Actually, not only did I bike to work, but I biked Jade to the daycare.  Michael will pick her up this afternoon, since he’s much better able to get up the hill with a trailer than I am, and it will ensure a more timely arrival at home for her (which translates into a happier kid).
It was raining when I left home.  I wondered briefly whether I should go inside to get some rain pants or possibly bring a change of clothing with me, but Jade was already strapped in and I didn’t want to leave her there, and it wasn’t raining THAT much, and so I gamely started off.
The ride was uneventful, and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how little spray there was from passing cars and transport trucks; it all seems to swish up behind the vehicles rather than to the side.  This is not unlike the effect on my own bicycle, and since there’s no splash guard on my bike, it meant that I discovered a lot of mud and grit on my backpack (and, uh, other exposed parts) at the end of my ride.  The most exciting part of the trip was the last third of the long hill when I decided to stop braking and suddenly seemed to be standing under a very sharp shower with very sharp needles of rain sharply digging into my exposed face.  I also got very wet on this part of the ride.  Wet enough, in fact, that I wished I had brought a change of underwear.  The good thing is, once you get that wet, you can’t get much wetter.
I dropped Jade off at the daycare, a little awkwardly.  She was dazed because she had fallen asleep during the ride (I found her with her head lolling and drool dripping down her chin — cute, eh?) and I was having a hard time walking because soaked denim tends to stick to one’s skin, making movement difficult.  (Yes, I realize it wasn’t the best choice of riding gear, but see above paragraph on decisions not to change.)
It’s almost the end of lunch hour and I’m almost dry again.  I just hope the suns comes out this afternoon so that I don’t have to arrive home looking as much like a drowned rat as when I arrived at work.

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