A weekend with Uncle Tim

12 Jun

So, as I briefly mentioned in a previous post, Michael’s brother Tim is staying with us at the moment.  Back home in Ottawa he runs a business called Home Solutions by Tim, doing all sorts of great building/renovation projects.  Michael managed to convince him to come for a visit and at the same time, do a whole pile of the things that we’ve been wanting to get done to the house. 

In between ripping our bathroom ceiling down (on purpose, I mean) and putting it back up again, and tearing out the downstairs bar to put in a storage room, and removing the back of our pantry to make more room (and…) Tim has been making my lonely guitar sing (*insert sigh of contentment*) or playing with Jade (who adores him) or just having some tea and chatting.  It’s such a treat to have him here.

Since Michael was off on his adventure race, Jade and I had the weekend with Tim, with Norris and Charmaine rounding out our numbers lots of the time.  We had a Monopoly evening, ate a picnic at Rotary Park, walked part of the Millenium Trail, and cheered Michael and his team as they made their way (painfully) to the finish line of their adventure race.

I haven’t seen much of Michael even since the end of the race because he’s been spending a lot of time in bed recuperating (not surprising, after being awake for over 36 hours and taking a tumble over the handlebars of the bike).  But he plans on being sufficiently rested within the next few days to help Tim with the dismantling of our roof.  By the time Tim leaves on the 22nd, we’ll practically have a brand-new house.

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