Life lessons and a weekend at Kusawa

27 Jun
Jade had a rough day on Saturday.  I had been telling Michael on Friday how we needed to get REAL furniture for our living room upstairs.  (Currently, we have folding camp chairs in there — functional AND stylish!)  Jade can actually climb in and out of those chairs by herself now, and I’ve caught her a few times leaning dangerously over one side. 
On Saturday morning, I was in the kitchen trying to make an apple crisp for a potluck and I didn’t clue in that she was climbing into the chairs again.  So it was on that fateful morning that she fell out of the chair and it collapsed around her.  Her bottom teeth gave her a gash on the inside of her lip, and the air intake register onto which she fell gave her a gash on the outside of her lip.  It promptly started to swell up like a balloon.  There was quite a bit of blood on her teeth and I was worried that she had loosened them.  The instant balm of breastfeeding worked its magic, though (despite the painful lip) and it wasn’t long before she was off running around again.  (With all her teeth intact, thank goodness.)  I folded up the chairs and laid them on the floor and reiterated to Michael that we REALLY need to get real furniture.  So the search is on for small-scale furniture that will fit into that awkward room.
We decided to go camping at Kusawa Lake, about an hour’s drive out of Whitehorse.  We planned to leave around 3:00, after the potluck and Jade’s nap were done.  But by the time we were finished packing (which is SO much more complicated with the short person around) and getting groceries and picking up our canoe from Mike T’s house (where it had been languishing since the end of Michael’s adventure race)… well, it was about 7:30 p.m. before we even got to Kusawa, fully half an hour after Jade’s usual bedtime.  I wasn’t too worried because she had had a late nap (until 4:00), but then she learned her second hard lesson of the day.
We had some steaks grilling on our Liard Firebox, which seemed to make her really excited, so of course, she went over to grab them.  I was a half-second too late in pulling her hand back, but everything seemed to go in slow motion as I watched her face react to the shock and pain of touching the hot stove.
I knew I wouldn’t be able to get her to keep her hand in the cold lake water, so I grabbed the ice-pack out of the cooler instead.  Yes, I realize you’re not supposed to freeze a burn, but I figured a light application of ice was better than nothing at all.  We did some more band-aid breastfeeding and I tried to hold her hand to the ice pack, but she was having none of that.  Just as well, since it turns out she burned a small spot on the side of her hand, not her palm, as I had thought, so I wasn’t cooling the right area, anyway.  She has a small blister on her hand now, but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.
Monday morning, just before we left for home, Jade was wandering around (we had a hard time keeping her close the whole time we were out!) and she tripped and fell face-first into a mature and spiny wild rosebush.  She didn’t like that much, especially as she couldn’t push herself back up onto her feet without putting her hands in the thorns, too.  I extricated her quickly, and she promptly forgot about the ordeal.
Other than that, there were no other minor (or major) injuries, and Jade’s various nicks and scratches are healing quickly.  Indeed, I’m always surprised at how quickly cuts and bruises can come and go on her body, but I guess when you’re busy growing, you’re busy creating new cells, anyway.  The cut on her lip has already faded to the pale pink of an almost-healed wound.
Besides teaching Jade some life lessons about hot stoves, we spent our camping time chatting with our camping neighbours, doing some minor hiking, and had a nice 3-hour paddle on Sunday afternoon.  Jade went into suspended animation for most of the canoe trip, just as she did last year (i.e. she slept), but for the part she was awake, she sat in the middle of the boat and played with some rocks in a gold pan and was as good as gold herself.
So, being our first camping trip (even if it was car camping) since last June (when Jade couldn’t even roll over or sit up yet), we learned a few lessons.  First, pack the day before, because it will take at least three times as long as you think it will.  Second, definitely bring a play pen.  This would have helped Jade get to sleep before midnight (ack!) on Saturday.  Trying to get her to lie down on the sleeping bags (let alone in them) and stay down just warn’t happenin’.  Also, it’s a good idea to bring a blankie FROM the crib — oops.  At least I remembered her soothers.  Another thing: don’t put your contact lenses in just before leaving the house; take them with you, because otherwise you are doomed to leave your glasses at home.  Bring a book, because on the second night when Jade actually goesto sleep by 7:30, you’ll actually have some time to yourself.  And getting on the Internet isn’t an option.  Actually, what I really wanted was some paper to work on a song idea.  I’ve always hated the songs I’ve written, but I’ve been inspired to try again recently, with Tim’s visit (he writes his own songs) and my friend Asheya‘s Arts in the Park concert.  Finally, learn how to play the guitar.  (Using that guitar Michael bought you for your 19th birthday.)  It would have been the PERFECT thing on that quiet Sunday night.

3 Responses to “Life lessons and a weekend at Kusawa”

  1. Selena June 27, 2007 at 5:57 pm #

    I\’m not sure what all\’s available in a city like Whitehorse, but a lot of furniture companies these days manufacture "apartment-sized" furniture – real furniture that\’s still comfy and practical, but scaled down just enough in size so that it fits better in small spaces (which is what I used when I redid the main floor of the condo that was my final project for school). So when you head out shopping, instead of just looking at what\’s on the showroom floor (and maybe writing it off for being too big), ask an associate if they also carry apartment-sized furniture.

  2. Nemmy June 28, 2007 at 4:57 am #

    Poor little Jadelet! But I guess sometimes experience is the best teacher… 😦

  3. Jennifer June 28, 2007 at 5:22 am #

    This makes me think of a scrapbook layout of a friend of mine. She did such a great job describing the events that caused each subsequent injury and the pictures (while I am not sure I would think to take any myself) are heartbreaking but adorable.

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