Parties, painting, and EOTs

13 Jul
So I haven’t made a life update posting in a while and lots has happened in the meantime.  So forgive me for this meandering post as I run down the last couple of weeks.
I took a week off work in order to beat the chaos at home into submission.  I wanted to finally get our room closet installed (still not done), organize the new storage room Tim built for us (still not done), paint the house (only partially done), clean the upstairs (done, although it’s starting to slip again), and prepare for a baby shower (which is sort of done, but not, depending on how you look at it).  Some of the things that I didn’t plan to do, but were valuable: I rearranged the music books in the living room (and discovered some duplicate Royal Conservatory books that I can send to my sis), wrote a new song, and cleaned out the beater brush on the vaccum cleaner (well, mostly Michael did that) so that it finally cleans the living room rug properly again.
So, the baby shower was supposed to be for a friend of mine and her husband, who are expecting TWINS! in September (though more likely August).  I’ve never hosted a baby shower before and was getting quite pleasantly obssessed with it (which is when I’m at my best, really) but unfortunately, the whole thing got a bit obsolete when Mom suddenly got put on complete bedrest.  The husband, who was in on the surprise, spilled the beans, since there was no sense it keeping it secret anymore, so that she could decide what would be best.  So it looks like I will be (happily!) hosting a "Meet the TWINS!" party at the end of September or so.  Hopefully we’ll have living room furniture by then.
I was hoping the house could be done and painted before last Sunday, but, as I should have guessed, it turned into a much longer process.  Some of you may not know it, but our house is a gross pink (on cedar siding! *sob*) and we’ve been wanting to change it from the time we moved in.  But the first summer was over by the time Michael had arrived, and last summer was full of baby-rearing and summer visitors.  So, now we’ve finally started… First we had trouble getting the shade right (and it’s still not what we originally had in mind, but it’s a nice colour, anyway.)  Then we had trouble getting the primer because the place we wanted to buy it from is closed all weekend.  We were able to get it at Canadian Tire, but it’s more expensive there — in fact, the primer ended up being more expensive than the paint, which is pretty ridiculous.  So the whole front face of the house (except one teeny corner) is now Hawthorne Green, which is kind of a dark, forest green.  Norris was a HUGE help in the painting — he ran a College Pro Painters business one summer — but he’s away in Vancouver for a few days, and the weather has been rainy, so things are at a standstill.
While I’m on the subject, I might mention that Michael HATES to paint houses.  He hates it so much, that when I hear Cathy from across the street start up the lawnmower, I jokingly told him to go mow for her (since she hates lawnmowing) in exchange for coming over to paint.  Not only did he actually do it, she took him up on it!  (And that’s how much she hates mowing.)  It was nice for me because Michael just listens to music when he paints — he absolutely won’t chat.  At least Cathy would paint and talk at the same time!
So since the TWINS! party got postponed until after their birth, and I had already bought some party supplies (like enough ingredients to make TWO whole trifles — I didn’t know it would make so much) and I really had a hard time giving up the idea of a party of some kind, and I’ve been meaning to have the neighbours over, anyway, since we didn’t do that at all last summer… well, we ended up having a BBQ on Monday night.  We had almost as many kids as adults and it was a blast!  My trifles turned out rather, er, juicier than they ought to have, but everyone loved it, anyway.
In order to get all the dishes done before the party — there were lots of dishes because we’d left them for a few days in favour of painting — I had to dedicate a straight hour or two to the task.  Michael was in bed recovering from his "Tri-Dry Race" (which I’m told he will be blogging about soon), so I had Jade to look after at the same time.  Luckily, she was in a great mood and entertained herself the whole time.  She ran into the furniture-less living room and back, and back around again.  She pushed her dolls around in her toy stroller.  She got into the tea trolley.  She got into the cupboards.  She dragged out the pots.  Except for a few exceptions, I let her explore in the cupboards if she wants to.  I figure letting her have Everyday Obects as Toys is educational, encourages exploration and experimentation, and besides, it means I can get more done rather than chasing her around saying no. 
The only trouble with letting your child have EOTs is that sometimes it does lead to more work.  Not just putting stuff away.  I’d really rather just post the picture than describe it, but I don’t have it downloaded yet… Well, anyway, Jade took a pair of her summer sandals and delicately placed them in one of my clean colanders.  Then she took them out and put them into another clean colander.  Ah, well, I was already doing the dishes, anyway — two more colanders aren’t much extra.
So this week has been weird because it was my first back after my "holiday".  I don’t come in on Mondays, so I was in on Tuesday.  Then I was on a course for Wednesday and Thursday.  And then today I was back at work.  It was like being on one of those milk-run flights where you keep taking off and landing, just to take off again.
So!  That’s it in a nutshell.  You still awake out there?  …No?  ‘S okay, go on back to sleep — just don’t snore so loud, ‘kay?

One Response to “Parties, painting, and EOTs”

  1. Nemmy July 16, 2007 at 8:42 am #

    I\’m still here. Jade\’s such a cracker. Heehee… and I can\’t tell you how much I\’m looking forward to a real adult life… no more writing essays and reading textbooks… *sigh*

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