Harry Potter, matchmaker

15 Jul
Okay, not matchmaker, exactly, but what’s the name you give to a person who is a catalyst for a date? 
Michael and I are actually planning to go out to a movie together tonight and let someone else attempt to put Jade to bed.  It’s not even dinner and a movie, just the movie; but it seems like a big step forward.  I mean, we haven’t seen a movie together at the theatre since we went to Wallace & Grommit: The Movie on our wedding anniversary when I was pregnant with Jade.  (I know, we pick really romantic movies, don’t we?)
Since Norris and Charmaine (our default babysitters!) are away, we’ve asked a girl we met at a couple of potluck get-togethers.  I know she’s experienced and she was smitten by Jade when she first met her at 4 months old, offering repeatedly to babysit.  It took us a while to actually call her, but I’ve been thinking for a while that we should be cultivating some babysitter relationships. 
We’re picking Jennifer up around 5.  I’m hoping the timing will mean that Jade will have enough time to get used to her babysitter before we head out for the evening.  And I really hope that Jade is cooperative, as she’s not been wanting her baths for the last couple of weeks (strange for a girl who has always loved bathtime) and she’s been crying herself to sleep lately, too.  However, I also think she’s old enough now that even if she has a rough evening, it won’t take her long to recover.  Jennifer promised that she won’t be traumatized if Jade ends up crying herself to sleep.
So, keep your fingers crossed for us.  Or at least for Jennifer!

One Response to “Harry Potter, matchmaker”

  1. Norris July 17, 2007 at 2:09 pm #

    I feel like we\’ve been "replaced"!! LOL. Glad to hear that everything worked out so well (from your newer posting).

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