Oh where, oh where has my little mind gone?

18 Jul
I hope I’m pregnant.  Because the clumsiness?  The forgetfulness?  That woman is really getting to me.  (Uh, yeah, that would be me.)
A shopping list of my recent complaints:
  • I can’t seem to fit the car into any parking spot except the REALLY wide ones. 
  • I keep dropping things.
  • I think of things to say in conversation but forget them before they’re out of my mouth.
  • I drove to work this morning without dropping Jade off at daycare first. 
  • And this afternoon I went to buy a digital camera for my office (the culmination of several weeks’ research) and actually missed a massage appointment that I’ve been looking forward to for almost a month!  I am REALLY tearing my hair out over that one.
Oh yes, and I continually want to eat.  But that’s no different than usual.
The only way any of this can be good news is if it’s hormonal.  I’ll have to wait another week or two, though, before I can do any testing to see.  I think.  ‘Cause last month?  I forgot to mark down when my cycle started.

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