18 months old

31 Jul
It’s been a while since I did a blog entry dedicated to Jade, and yesterday was a big calendar milestone, as she turned 18 months old.  I can’t quite believe how tall and capable she is getting and frequently feel astonishment when I’m looking at her.  Here are some of her latest activities and achievements:
  • She loves playing with buckles: on her toys, on my bags, and on her high chair.  She can now successfully close the buckles herself, but she can’t get them open, so she "cries" when she gets them shut to let us know it’s time to undo them so that she can do it over again!
  • She loves imitating us.  She not only uses the broom now, she also uses the dust pan.  No actual cleaning gets done, but she’s happy as a lark.
  • She loves colouring, whether it’s with crayons in a colouring book, or with a randomly found pen on one of our books.
  • She throws food on the floor when she gets bored of eating.  (*sigh*)
  • She chatters constantly, and I still don’t understand what she’s saying, but she seems to have taken to saying "Hiiiieee" to people going by.  She is, however, extremely eloquent with pointing and nodding her head and shaking her head and various noises she uses to tell us what she wants.  (This includes pulling my shirt up or down when she wants milk.)
  • She also seems to think I have four breasts.  Sometimes I’ll pull my shirt up when I nurse her, and sometimes I’ll pull it down if the neck is low.  Jade has now taken to nursing for a bit with the shirt up, and then she’ll sit up and make me do it the other way.
  • She is still into shoes!  On a day at home, she’ll go through several pairs, as she’ll demand to have her shoes changed throughout the day.  She has had luck lately because it seems that her feet have had a growth spurt.  I bought her a new pair of Robeez early in the summer because she had outgrown the ones aunt Lindsay gave her in November.  Last week, I had to buy the next size up again, so she wore the Mary Jane style ones for only about 2 months.
  • She is getting adept at using utensils.  Yesterday, she ate a bowl of soup using a spoon all by herself; she was quite a mess, but I think she got more into her tummy than onto it.
  • She’s getting very stubborn.  One week she decided she didn’t want to get into the bath, and she’d constantly try to climb out.  I let her for a few days, not wanting to force her to bathe, but then I finally put my foot down one night.  Two minutes after the heart-wrenching, sobbing, screaming, "I dont’ want to be in here" struggle, she was giggling her head off playing with her bath toys.
  • She’s quite a hiker.  Yesterday she walked all the way up the tobogganing hill by herself, and back down again, too.  We went out and walked for about half an hour with Nanuq and Crook following us, and Jade did all the walking by herself, except for the last few minutes after Nanuq accidentally ran into her and knocked her, face-first, into the ground.
  • She’s moving up in the daycare world!  The baby group has kids up until 18 or 19 months and then they move to the next age group upstairs.  To help transition, they usually take the older kids in the baby group for visits to the next group, a few hours at a time.  Last Thursday Jade had her first visit and she ended up spending the entire day there.  She even stayed with that group for their nap time, which was astonising to me, because that group naps on playmats, not playpens, and she actually STAYED there and actually NAPPED.  I notice she tends to sleep on her back now in her crib, too, rather than flipping over onto her tummy.

My big girl!  I want to update my photo albums soon, but I’m afraid ya’ll are going to have to wait until I can finish the last Harry Potter book…


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