More about Jade

7 Aug
It never fails that when I make a post about Jade, I start thinking about other things that she does that I didn’t think to mention. 
For example, did I tell you that Jade can now manage admirably with a cup, without the sippy attachment?  One day a few weeks ago, she was asking me to breastfeed her while I was trying to eat my lunch and had a guest at the table.  Instead of attempting to eat with her latched onto me at the table, I instead poured her a cup of milk, which she took with some surprise.  She planter her butt on the floor (almost spilling as she did so) and proceeded to drink nearly the entire thing with only a dribble or two of milk on her chin, but with plenty of big milky smiles in between sips.  Was she ever proud of herself!
A few days ago, she also started signing to us!  Ever since I saw my friend Becky using sign language with her pre-verbal daughter a few years ago, I’ve wanted to someday use sign with my own child.  I was a total advocate of the idea.  Only, I never remembered to do the signs with Jade.  We’ve been so inconsistent, and lots of 18-month-olds have started talking, so I had sort of given up on the idea.  But then Michael mentioned that Jade has signed "please" to him.  I turned to her and said, "Really?  You said please?"  And she looked at me and rubbed her chest in her adorable version of the sign.  I know they occasionally sign "please" with the kids at daycare, so this could be where she picked it up, but I took full advantage of it.
The next time she asked me for milk (by pulling on my shirt and nodding and making her questioning "Nah?" sound) I asked her, "Do you want some milk?" and did the sign for milk.  She immediately started opening and closing her little fist, imitating me and nodding vigorously.  This was just a couple of days ago, but now she does it without my even showing her, although she seems to think it also means switching from one boob to another (of the four I’ve got).
Miss Jade is also busy growing molars.  She’s had two big and widening bumps growing in her lower jaw for several weeks now, despite the fact that her other two lower incisors have yet to make an appearance.  However, in the race to erupt, it looks like it’s one of the upper molars that is winning.  I had her flat on her back on my lap three nights ago to brush her teeth even though she was howling in rage.  It’s not often one gets to see the upper gums on one’s 18-month-old (they don’t go "ahh" when you ask them to, at least, mine doesn’t) and I was surprised to note a white speck up there.  Closer inspection revealed that it was the point of one of her molars that had broken through.  We had suspected that all of the molars were coming in, but this firmed things up.  Jade rubs her jaw a lot these days, and is also asking for milk very often, even a couple of times at night these days.  (*sigh*)  But I figure I’ll get her back onto her through-the-night schedule after her molars have come in.
That’s all I can think of for now, although I’m sure to remember more as soon as I hit the "publish" button.  And Nem, there are more pictures coming; I promise I’ll post them one of these days!

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