Tractor Beam Lips

10 Sep
This past month Jade learned how to pucker up.  She’s been into "kissing" us goodnight for a while, but like most children, she "kissed" us by moving her slightly open mouth in our direction.  A few weeks ago I was teasing her, telling her I was going to kiss her and making exaggerated facial expessions and she starteed puckering right back.  Now when I ask her if she wants to kiss Papa goodnight, or even if I ask if she wants to just say goodnight — muah! — out go the lips.  Michael used to pucker up and tease me that he had "tractor beam lips" daring me to resist giving him a kiss.  Now there are two tractor beams in my life.  What more could one want in a child?
The puckering is just one manifestation of Jade’s broader instinct to imitate us in everything we do, moreso now than ever before.  Yesterday we were trying to finish painting the house (we can now say that we live in a green house rather than a pink one — hooray!) but we had to watch her carefully because she kept trying to climb the ladders when we weren’t watching.  She copies stuff that we say, too.  She has said "Papa" and "Mama", though not necessarily to us, as well as her new favourite word, "YUCK – eeeee", which she says randomly and not necessarily as a commentary on anything in particular.  Actually, I think she likes how we always react, which is by laughing.
I have to watch myself and what I say now, though.  I generally don’t curse much, but I do on occasion when my frustrations overwhelm me.  Like on one morning a couple of weeks ago when I was late setting off for work.  I had forgotten that school had just started again in Whitehorse and I got stuck behind a lumbering school bus.  There was an opportunity to pass the bus at a section of the highway with two lanes, but just as I was accelerating I got cut off.  Angry, I’m afraid I let fly with a frustrated cry of, F*$%!
Instantly, the passenger in the back seat started gleefully saying, "YUCK – eee!"  I had completely forgotten she was there.  Thank goodness she wasn’t playing any closer attention.

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