More About Jade

11 Sep
No sooner did I publish yesterday’s post than I remembered a host of other little accomplishements I have yet to write about.  But the day was busy and I didn’t have any further opportunities to commandeer Michael’s computer.
So let’s see, in the vocabulary department, besides "YUCK-ee" and "Uh oh", some of Jade’s latest additions are "Joosh" and "Shoosh", which mean, respectively, "juice" and "shoes".  Gotta love that one of my daughter’s first words is shoes!  And yesterday she really did say "Nana" while trying to get the bananas off the kitchen table (having already eaten a whole one — she must’ve been hungry).
Jade’s also even more into music these days.  She claps when she hears music start up, and will bop her head along to the song, even while eating breakfast or looking at a book.  Yesterday in the car, she was slapping both her thighs in time to the lively music playing on CBC Radio Two.  It surprises me that she can already keep a beat, and sometimes tries to sing along as well.  Aren’t kids amazing?
Another skill Jade is working on is jumping.  I never thought about the need to learn how to do that, but lately we’ve been treated to the sight of Jade figuring out how to jump, rather than just ineffectually bending her knees and popping back into standing position.  Michael says he actually witnessed one where she left the floor, but I was cooking at the time. *grumble*  Anyway, I’m sure she’ll soon be leaping about like a frog and we’ll wish she’d taken longer to figure things out!
In tooth news: the upper molars are pretty much all the way through now, though not all the way out.  Still, I figure there’s enough tooth there to warrant adding them to the tooth-tracking chart.  Yesterday I noticed that her right lower molar now has three little points showing, and the lower right incisor is finally beginning to put in an appareance, too.  It won’t be long (haha!) before my little chart is all red!  And then maybe we’ll finally be able to start eating salads again…

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