Leaving on a jet plane

25 Sep
A day and a half of work left and then Jade and I will be off to Germany for 10 days!  I worked really hard this weekend to start packing, but all I have to show for my efforts is a small pile of things to pack at the side of the bedroom.  Oh yes, and about 10 loads of clean laundry that has been folded and put away.  (Except for Michael’s stuff… and that was after I had compromised my principles and put away all his clean stuff from the LAST time I did laundry.  Because I needed laundry baskets.  But at least he helps me fold the laundry.  Just keep it all on YOUR side of the room, dear, and we’ll be able to avoid repeating the unfortunate experience of sending the iPod through the wash…)
I was going to start packing on the weekend, but…
  • Friday evening was the Take Back the Night march, and I performed a few pieces at the party afterward.  The electric piano situation was quite a fiasco, but I think I managed to pull off a decent performance.
  • Saturday we had a fun baby shower for Richard and Marusia and their twins (see photos below). 
  • Sunday Michael took Jade and Norris canoeing and I ended up ferrying them around a bit.  I did manage to get most of the laundry done that day so that I could THINK about packing. 
  • Yesterday Michael took our car to Atlin.  Jade and I had to spend all morning downtown; after going to our 9:30 appointment and missing the 10:20 bus home, we were stranded until 12:40.  Then Jade fell asleep in the stroller on the bus ride home, so I decided against attempting a stroller-to-crib transfer and instead took her out for a walk with Nanuq.  Of course, she woke up half an hour later and by the time I got home after pushing the stroller through some intense mud conditions, I just wanted to collapse on the couch.  Then Michael came home and reminded me that we had band practice, which we didn’t get home from until 10:30 p.m., so there was barely enough time to pack lunches, let alone travel bags.
So it looks like tonight’s the night for the all-important packing event.  I hate leaving packing to the last minute, as there are so many small details to think about.  I don’t know how Michael can simply pack on the day of travel and not forget anything.  But then again, he hasn’t got nearly as many toiletries to pack as I have.  If only I didn’t care about hair, makeup, shaving… oh let’s face it, I’m a lot vainer than he is.  Fortunately, as my dad liked to point out, Germany is the world’s third-largest trading nation, so anything I don’t bring, I’ll be able to find there.  Tell that to myself to prevent the packing stress from flowing over…

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