Two more teeth

25 Sep
A quick Jade update, since it has been a couple of weeks since I posted. 
Two more teeth are more or less in!  I’m not sure why the right side of Jade’s mouth seems to produce teeth faster than her left, but I won’t be surprised if she develops more muscles on one side of her jaw!  Despite having (mostly) two molars that "meet" now, she’s still not keen on trying lettuce or apple peels, but she’s doing better on other hard foods like uncooked carrots and bread crusts.
Jade has picked up the words "puppy" and "doggy" over the last couple of weeks, but now almost every animal is a puppy.  We taught her "deer" (a new stuffed animal she picked out of the display in the guest room), but she still insists on calling it "puppy" for now.  Also, every kind of bird is now a "ducky".  I also seem to be "mummy, mummy, mummy" which I attribute to the daycare workers, since we’ve always called me "Mama" at home.  Though on occasion, I too am "puppy".  Michael has gotten "da da da" as well as "Papa".  And sometimes we’ll hear a non-object word like "more" — sorry, that’s "mo’".
We’ve never really baby-talked to Jade when it comes to naming things (for example, I always said "dog" and "cat" rather than "puppy" and "kitty") but I now realize that it’s actually quite difficult to end a word on consonant.  This sheds new light for me on why we "babify" so many words with our newly-speaking kids.   Ah, one learns so much from having kids!

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