In Deutschland mit Erkältung

3 Oct
Wow, half the visit to Germany is already over!  I got a lot packed into a few days, which is, of course, totally necessary on these types of trips.  People who don’t live away from friends and family don’t realize how stressful it can actually be to make trips "home", with so many demands on one’s time.  Fortunately, we’ve been doing okay so far, although Jade has been up at least 2 to 4 hours EVERY NIGHT since we got here.
The trip was definitely long, and I have a terrible impression of Fairbanks because we were stuck there for three hours and weren’t allowed to leave the "secure" area of the airport, it’s pretty frustrating when you can see the restaurants and stuff on the other side of the glass doors.  Also, I wasn’t able to use my stroller, purposely purchased for use in the airports, but that is a story in itself and merits a separate posting.
Jade has been a big hit with my Oma and my dad, who hadn’t had the opportunity to meet her before.  My mom also hadn’t seen Jade since whe was two months old, so they had a happy reunion.  Now Jade goes looking for them in their room in the morning.  (On the mornings, that is, when were actually awake, because after being up half the night, we sometimes sleep away half the day, much to my chagrin.)
On Saturday night there was 10-year graduation reunion for the class I was in when I lived in Germany.  I felt a bit shy about going because my three closest friends (with whom I am still in contact) were all not attending.  Fortunately, I hooked up with a girl who was a good friend when I was here but with whom I never managed to stay in touch, so just seeing her again made all the nerves worth it!  The evening was supposed to cost us 45€ (around $70!) each, but the organizers said I was a guest, so that was a wonderful cherry on top of it all.
Sunday, the whole family packed into the car and we drove a couple of hours to Quedlingburg in the old East Germany.  It was totally run down by the time the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, but in the years since, much of its downtown area has been restored to its former glory (through taxes levied on those who live in the former West).  It’s a really beautiful town to visit.
My trip was unintentionally well-timed; besides the class reunion that was coincidentally during the visit, today was a holiday in the whole country: the Day of German Unity, celebrating the reunion of East and West since the fall of the Wall.  We went to Schwerin to see the unbelievably beautiful Schloß (castle), though unfortunately we weren’t able to go in.  There were far too many people in the city for them to be able to control the number of visitors to the castle, because the official holiday celebrations were going on there.  The celebration rotates from one state capital to the next each year, and it happened to be Schwerin, capital of the state  of Meclenburg-Vorpommern.  It was a pretty crazy day, but lovely to be able to spend it with parents and old friends (as normally my parents would need to be working on a Wednesday).
The only thing ill-timed about the trip is that everyone chose this time to develop colds.  I started mine the day before I left, and Jade has been fighting something the whole time as well.  Also Mom, Dad, and Oma.  Ah well, I guess there’s never a perfect time for anything.
There are still some reunions coming up and phone calls to make, but so far this trip has been a big success.  Now if only I could sleep through one night.  Wait, where have I heard that before?

One Response to “In Deutschland mit Erkältung”

  1. Nemmy October 4, 2007 at 5:34 am #

    Sounds like you\’re having a fabulous time, despite the little bumps and twists. I\’m so happy you were able to go!!

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