The stroller story

3 Oct

I had been hoping to be able to use my newly-bought stroller in the airport.  I bought one because I wanted something a little bigger than an umbrella stroller.  The umbrella stroller is great to throw into the car, but long use is a bit tiring because the small size requires one to lean over to push it.  Also, there’s no "shopping basket" where you can throw essentials when you’re in a rushed place like an airport, and there’s no sun visor, so using a rain cover is also out of the question.  So two days before the trip, I bit the bullet and got a slightly bigger stroller.  I figured it was a gift to myself.  I made an unexpected extra $50 singing at an event a little while ago, and the thing would be useful for both Germany and Mexico.

Since I knew the stroller would be handy in the airport (having experienced this first-hand on the Dominican Republic trip last year) I didn’t want it to go through as checked luggage.  Most airlines allow you to roll your stroller up to the gate, then they bring it down to the hold, and then you get to use it at the next airport.  Condor said they couldn’t manage that, but the check-in guy figured I could bring it onto the plane.  So we tried that.  Which means there was no handling tag on the stroller.  When I got to the door of the plane, the flight attendant said he would store it in a cabinet at the front of the plane, but when I folded it up, he realized it was too big to fit there.  He said one of the crew would take it down to the hold (there was a guy there, ready to take it) and I put a yellow luggage strap around it to keep it folded (it doesn’t have a clasp) and rushed onto the plane to relieve the line-up behind me.

I wasn’t allowed to have the stroller in Fairbanks because it’s "a transit area", whatever that means.  Which meant it was impossible to put Jade down for a nap, now several hours overdue.  After much screaming, she finally settled down for a one-hour nap shortly after we took off from Fairbanks.  Then we had the LONG crossing over to Europe during which I really wanted to sleep, but Jade didn’t; she was high entertainment for the other folks on the plane, though.  She got lots of compliments on her cuteness and happy nature.

I exlained the stroller situation to one of the more helpful flight attendants and when we got off in Frankfurt, she came outside to the cargo area of the plane so that I could claim the stroller.  I was holding Jade in both arms, as she had finally fallen asleep again.  They did find a stroller, but it belonged to someone else who happily claimed it.  They never did find my stroller, though, and still haven’t.  Happily, my mom went out and found one for us at a local store.  It actually folds smaller than the other stroller, so maybe I’ll be able to get this one onboard.  It has been an absolutely essential item on our visit so far.  I must check into getting reimbursed… 


One Response to “The stroller story”

  1. Rhapsody October 3, 2007 at 1:57 pm #

    Hmmmmmmm…….i was never the stroller type. I found that they were more trouble than they were worth especially during winter. My decided to never use them again was sealed when one broke in the middle of the street just as a streetcar was appoarching, thank sweet Jesus it stopped. I happily used the buddle buggy until my daughter could walk and then thats what we did. I just gave myself extra time to accommodate the little feet.
    Glad you are happy with your stroller and yes you should look into getting compensation for the lost stroller. Don\’t let too much time pass.
    Take care, God bless and congratulations on your baby

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