…and we’re back!

12 Oct
The trip back to Whitehorse was miles better than the trip to Europe.  Not only did I make it back with my (new!) stroller (the old one STILL hasn’t been located — attempting to get reimbursed…) but the trip was much shorter, not having to stop in Alaska, and Jade and I were free of colds.  We were both exhausted when we got back, but after going to bed at 3 p.m. and sleeping until the next morning (with just a one-hour play/snack break from midnight to one) we were pretty close to getting back on Yukon time.  Okay, well, I’ve still had early bedtimes the last couple of nights, but at least I’ve been able to carry out a normal day.
The thing that was really shocking was coming home to the snow!  True, we usually get snow in October, but not usually until around Halloween, and not nearly as much as we already had on the ground when we landed here on the 9th.  There was enough, in fact, that I was able to take Jade out on her sled the next day, and we even managed to slide down a couple of hills.  Jade loved it, and Nanuq was thrilled to be able to chase the sled again!  Jade also remembered how to scoop up the snow on her mitt and suck it off — urgh!
But, to get back on topic… I am so glad that I made this trip!  Oma and my parents were so absolutely delighted with Jade; it was wonderful watching Jade asking each of them for a cuddle or a kiss.  Jade would look for my parents by going to their room every morning.
Sunday I had a wonderful reunion with three of my closest girlfriends from my "Gymansium" (German high school) days.  Claudia, Carola, and Christine all travelled for several hours to see me and to meet Jade.  We had a great time catching up!  My lovely aunt Mike (pronounced Meek-uh) and cousin Stefanie also came that day; I hadn’t seen Steffie since she was about 7 (she’s now 15) so you can imagine how much she had changed.  Jade got quite attached to Steffie!
There are a bunch of pictures from the trip, of course, but I don’t have them here, so you’ll just have to be content (for now!) with the ones below, which I happen to have in my e-mail, thanks to my dad and to Christine.

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