Trying to conceive

31 Oct

…also known in some circles as "TTC".

Regular readers of my blog will probably remember the post I made in July about how I thought I was pregnant.  The entry I made was pretty flippant, but I really was totally convinced that I was pregnant; I was also greatly saddened when my period came and I knew that I wasn’t.   And so it has been ever since.

My body has changed so much since I got pregnant with Jade, it’s hard to know what’s "normal".  Every month I’ve been convinced that I’ve had pregnancy symptoms (cramps, headaches, hunger, tiredness, or whatever…) and every month I get the red tide of disappointment.  Since I (insanely) felt ready to be pregnant again when Jade was 8 months old, but decided I’d better go back to work again for a while first, it feels like I’ve been waiting a loooong time.  And I know I really have no right to complain.  We already have one little girl and we haven’t been trying very long, after all.

Although I’m not usually one to keep quiet about my feelings, I have avoided posting about my obssession with TTC because I figured it would just be too boring/rough/TMI on people to hear me repeat, "I got my $&%@ period again."  But it’s never far from my mind.  I’m constantly thinking about timing, and how far in my cycle I am, feeling envy for friends announcing their pregnancies, looking for signs of ovulation.  (You can thank me for my discretion, ’cause I decided it was just TMI to make my Facebook status "Fawn is ovulating.") But an exhibitionist like me can only keep all-consuming thoughts quiet for so long before they need to be written about.  So here is this month’s list of pregnancy symptoms:

  • tired
  • forgetful
  • frequently hungry
  • thirst
  • limp hair

and then there’s this.


3 Responses to “Trying to conceive”

  1. joanna October 31, 2007 at 10:08 pm #

    Good luck Fawn.  It must be on your mind a lot but hey,
    at least you can have fun trying!  

  2. Uncheck box & type name November 1, 2007 at 10:47 am #

    Hey! So you\’re knocked up!?!?! Woohoo! Congrats!!! 🙂
    (clever, very clever…)

  3. Uncheck box & type name November 1, 2007 at 10:48 am #

    that last one was me… damn microsoft!

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