Jade at 21 months

2 Nov
The last of the first molars is in!  (Doesn’t that make a great sentence?)  The last lateral incisor is also finally making its way through, though it’s not quite there yet.  And we think one of the canines is starting to come out, too.  That’s a lot of teeth in just 6 months!

Jade is now 21 months old and is developing quite a vocabulary.   Her language comprehension is also growing by leaps an bounds, and she can follow many of the instructions we give her (like throwing her own diaper in the garbage).  Here’s a list of her favourite words:
  • puppy! (still)
  • kitty!
  • boody! (birdy)
  • bum! (for front an back!  Also for diaper.  We didn’t teach her this.  Moms, what do you call your little girl’s girl parts?)
  • bye-bye di-di (which I think means "bye-bye Jade-Jade", and which she uses for everyone)
  • bye-bye doh (as above)
  • night-night!
  • wok? (means going outside or the stroller)
  • mok? (wants to breastfeed)
  • ba-ba? (wants bottle)
  • yay!
  • NO!

This is just a small sample of her favourites, and you’ll notice they’re mostly exclamatory.

Jade can now actually jump,  rather than just making a sudden deep-knee bend.  She can hold a pen properly (in either hand, no less) when she’s scribbling her important scribbles, usually on paper, thank goodness, although she’s attempted experiments on books, floor, table, and herself.  She also enjoys sitting on the potty when Michael is on the toilet and they read together.  Earlier today, Michael messaged me and told me that she had asked to use the potty (which she has done before) and then actually used it.  Wow!  Now I’m impressed!


One Response to “Jade at 21 months”

  1. Meandering November 2, 2007 at 6:07 pm #

    And we can\’t forget:- bok (book)- duck- beawhr (bear)- dok (sock)- shooo (shoe)- joosh (juice)- daa dun! (all done!)- mowah (more)- uh oh!- guk/gookie (Crook, the cat)- gookie (cookie)- dog- and various animal noises

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