Home at 29

19 Nov
Michael and Jade I got back from Mexico today.  Well, actually, I guess we really just got back from Vancouver today, since the leaving of Mexico part was all done yesterday.  The fact that it was a day and a half of travel made it technically long, but Jade was really great, and having Michael with me to switch off child-wrangling made the whole thing pretty darned good.
Today also happens to be my birthday, and between Facebook and e-mails and phone calls, I’ve had lots of good wishes come my way.  Thanks everyone!  It didn’t really feel like a birthday with all the travelling, but I’ll have a good excuse to celebrate next weekend.  In the meantime, I’ll try to re-program my brain to remember that I am now 29 – it seems harder every year to remember my age!
The other news around here is that Michaels brother (Jade’s godfather!) Tim is now in Whitehorse – hooray!  It was really difficult leaving Nem and Mike (renamed "Pedro" to distinguish him from my Michael) and my parents, but it’s great to come home to Tim being here.  Welcome back, Tim!
Right, now, even thought it’s only 7:30, my brain is totally fried from lack of sleep and I’m going to put myself to bed.  You wouldn’t believe how many spelling mistakes I made while trying to type this.  Actually, I’m sorry I corrected them, just so I could show you how out of it I am.  Darn pride…

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