A taste of Mexico

25 Nov
Hey everyone!  With all the resting I’ve been doing this weekend (which I think has been very helpful in the medical sense), I haven’t had time to get to the computer to tell you about our fabulous trip to Mexico.  I don’t have time tonight to really do it justice, but we had such a great time and I can’t say enough about how great our little resort was, how lovely the city was, how relaxing the atmosphere was, and how much I enjoyed the Mexican seaside (especially since I had decided after our Dominican trip last year that I really didn’t like the ocean all that much).
Although I don’t have the energy to upload all our photos tonight, someone with way more talent than I has already put up a lot of photos.  Nem and Mike’s official photographer (and friend) Chris Beard keeps a blog and posts "highlights" photos of all his shoots.  There are four posts he made from Mexico with pictures, mostly of Nem and Mike that might give you all a taste of the paradise we visited.
The first post has some shots of the trip down and the resort: "Hola from Mexico!"
Next comes Mike and Nem’s "engagement" photo session.  Chris always does this with his wedding clients to get them comfortable with the camera. You can really see how playful both Nem and Mike are in this post: "Engagement session in Paradise. Ahhhh…"
Photos of Nem and Mike from the wedding day (formals done after the ceremony): "Nem and Mike – a few pictures to get you started!"
And finally, a non-wedding related post about a horseback riding trip some of the wedding guests (including Chris) went on the day after the wedding: "A trip down the river, on horseback of course!"
Hope you enjoy the first taste of Mexico!

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