Medical update

26 Nov
I called the doctor’s office first thing this morning and found that in order to ask for the ultrasound and/or referral, I’d have to go in to see Dr. Patel in person.  So off I went at 11:30 (thanks to Tim, who was our personal chauffeur and nanny this morning, first to get groceries, and then the doctor’s office, and baby-sitting Jade while I was with the doctor, and now he’s about to go pick up Michael at the airport…)
When I told Dr. Patel I wasn’t comfortable just continuing to wait and wanted either an ultrasound or a referral, he jumped right into action.  He faxed off an ultrasound request right away, asking that it be done in the next 48 hours.  He filled out a form for me to get some bloodwork done.  He also did a pelvic exam to make sure everything was feeling the way it’s supposed to.  He did up the form to have me referred to Dr. Gudapati, since he doesn’t generally do prenatal care.  Dr. Gudapti used to specialise in high-risk prenatal care, and although I hope I don’t yet qualify for high-risk, it is comforting to know that I’ll have a doctor who is experienced in the field.  (Although I must say I hope it doesn’t increase my chances of interventions.  Well, I’ve heard lots of good things about her, so I’m sure my point of view will be taken into account.)
I guess this is another good lesson in being an advocate for yourself and knowing what you want.  I’m sure that if I had asked him to last week, Dr. Patel would have done the ultrasound and referral right away, but his first instinct was that things were okay, so why not wait and see, a conservative approach that I normally appreciate.  But, as Marusia put it, in this case not knowing is just "crazy making"; I was feeling too vulnerable last week to be confident about what I wanted.
I’m supposed to call the medical imaging lab this afternoon to find out when they can squeeze me in.  I’ll keep you posted.

2 Responses to “Medical update”

  1. Lindsay November 26, 2007 at 5:17 pm #

    It\’s good that to have friends like Marusia to put things in perspective. Long distance hugs!

  2. Sharleen November 26, 2007 at 5:45 pm #

    Hi Fawn – It was so great to catch up last night!! I\’m so glad to hear you\’re getting referred – much better to have peace of mind.  So great that you\’re MD didn\’t hesitate once you asserted your concerns. Sharl

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