Jade: 22 months old

1 Dec
Jade turned 22 months yesterday.  It sure is hard to believe that she’s just 2 months shy of her second birthday.  She picks up new words and ideas every day.  Some of her very latest are "mowf" (mouse), "please" (heard it out loud for the first time yesterday!), and "boots".  I’m trying to get her to say "boobies" instead of "mok", but so far, we’ve got as far as "booties" (with a poke, poke, poke added in).  Which is better than when Michael took her to the beach in Mexico and she pointed to a couple of topless women and said, "nack?"  Which is her word for "snack".
I taught her another word recently that I hope doesn’t have negative consequences.  She said it a few times today, and I had no idea what she wanted.  It sounded something like this: "fok? fok? FOK?"  She was pointing at the toy basket but I couldn’t determine what was causing the unfortunate sounds coming from her mouth.  Later on, we found her FROG in her bedroom, and she was very pleased with herself, saying "fok" as she brought it over to show me.
While we were away this month, pardon me, that’s last month, Jade learned how to get up and down stairs on her own.  It started at my godparents’ house in Vancouver.  She went up three steps to get into the house, no crawling, no hand-holding, no rail, just hop, hop, hop, and that’s that.  (She had a terrific time in their house, as well, as they have two sets of stairs going to the second floor.  Her favourite pastime while there was to go up the back steps and come down the front ones.)  At home she’s a little more cautious on the big sets of stairs (a sensible girl!) but she will attempt smaller sets.  She’s not getting many opportunities now, though, as there aren’t many sets of just a few stairs inside most places.  And outside, the weather is such that she needs to be bundled up, making any kind of movement, except falling, a lot more difficult for her.
Here’s a shot of her doing the stairs down to the beach in Mexico.  She’s very proudly wearing a dress that my dad spied in the market and immediately had to have for her.  (Aww, what a softie!)  As soon as Michael put it on her, she marched off to show everyone.
And here are a few more, just ’cause she’s so darned cute.
She’s got a bruise on her cheek from where she knocked it into the bedside table in our room.
Doesn’t she look elegant?
Jade doing a model pose
She’s done well since we got home, too.  The day after we got back, I was back at work and she was back at daycare.  When I brought her there, she raced for the Jungle Room, hopped up the steps and never even looked back at me as I tried to say goodbye.  "Well," I thought, "I guess she’s not going to have any trouble getting back into the routine here."
Yesterday she developed a cold that had her fever soaring up to 39.2 after her nap, but a single dose of Tylenol took care of that.  Still, I dressed her lightly for the night because she was burning up again.  She woke at midnight, hot as heck, and I took her upstairs to give her some more Tylenol.  The light from the streetlights was filtering in through the window and my heart leapt into my throat when I saw her face was smeared in blood.  The cold has given her a very runny nose, and in the night it had turned bloody.  And that was with a humidifier going.  Yuck!  Fortunately, it was more gross than dangerous.  I’ll wait until she’s finished with this cold before I bother laundering her pillowcase (she’s been sleeping with a pillow for a few nights now, and it coincidentally helps to keep her upper body elevated, which is good with a cough and runny nose).  Oh yes, and my pajamas.
With the cold, Jade’s been pretty whiny and sucky today, but we had some good moments, too.  Here’s a video I took today, in which I’m totally trying to get her to perform for the camera.

One Response to “Jade: 22 months old”

  1. Lindsay December 2, 2007 at 8:33 am #

    I love the video. Alex made me play it over and over again!

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