Nemmy and Michael’s wedding slideshow

2 Dec
For those of you who wish you could have gone to Nemmy and Pedro’s wedding (Yes, I now I typed Pedro. We agreed on this.  How else are we to distinguish him from my Michael?) you can now experience the wedding day in a 5-minute snapshot.  Well, actually it’s just over 200 snapshots.  Michael and Nem’s amazing photographer, Chris Beard, has put together a slideshow of the wedding day and this morning he posted it on his website.
Watching the slideshow made me go all mooshy and sentimental.  The day truly was as romantic as it looks.  It was so exciting and heart-warming to be there and see how much in love the two of them are, and watching the slideshow brought it right back.  The thing is also real eye-candy.  My sister is so absolutely gorgeous, I can’t say enough about how beautiful she is.  And I have to admit her hubby is pretty darned easy on the eye, too.  As for the rest of us there, whether it was the magic of Mexico or Chris’s talent, well heck, we all look pretty dang good.
Click ->here<- to go to the slideshow.

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