The Gift of Gab

13 Dec
When I was in Grade 4, I had a teacher who had us try impromptu speaking.  She had us reach into a box, pull out an object, and then had us try to speak for one minute about the object.  I still remember that I had pulled out a rock, and I remember standing on the small stage in the classroom, giggling and muttering and shifting my feet around and thinking I was terrible at this.  Which I was.
Over the years, I developed a lot more confidence, and (I think!) a lot more poise when speaking in public.  Impromptu speaking can still be a challenge, though, and it something I’ve long wanted to work on.  So when I heard that there was a Toastmasters club here that I could attend without getting up extra early and without missing the bedtime breastfeeding session (back when this was still essential), I did the logical thing and started attending the lunchtime Toastmasters club meetings.
You can participate in the "Table Topics" (impromptu speeches of up to 2 minutes in length) even as a guest, and I remained a guest for many months before finally "officially" joining as a member in October. 
I know that I’m very open in talking about myself on my blog.  It’s part of my character – I’m like that in person, too.  (I have friends like this, and when we get together, we often can’t stop talking – it’s pretty dangerous.)  I don’t think of myself as particularly witty, but I do love to (a) talk about myself (yes, I admit it), and (b) learn new things about other people.  Don’t you find that the more you learn about a person, the more interesting they get? 
So it was pretty easy for me today to give my first official non-impromptu speech (about myself!) as an official member of Toastmasters.  I mean, I was nervous, which was unexpected because I’m quite comfortable with the group now, but I was still able to do a good job of it.  I’m sure it helped that I had practiced the speech
ad nauseum, something I haven’t done for any presentation since my last speech contest in Grade 8.
Contrast that with going to see Dr. Gudapati yesterday, as a follow-up to my miscarriage.  She asked me 20 or 30 questions in rapid succession (whew!) and did a pelvic exam.  (Since I got pregnant with Jade I’ve lost track now of how many people have been up-close and personal with my most private bits.  That’s not something I ever expected to say.)
Dr. Gudapati then told me that I should wait for at least one normal cycle before trying to get pregnant again.  She kind of chuckled and said really it should be three months, but she found that when she said that, her patients barely even waited for one month.  So especially since I’m in good health and the ultrasound and pelvic exam show everything is okay, one month should be okay for me.  In the meantime, she said, we should be using condoms.
I struggled to get my pants back on (very dignified) as I told her that there had already been a few, er…
"Condoms?" she prompted. 
"No, uh…"
"Unprotected sex?" she supplied. 
"Yes," I admitted sheepishly.  Although it’s very strange to think of having "unprotected" sex with my husband.  I mean, geez, what the hell did we get married for if I still needed to protect myself from him?!
Well, thank goodness that I probably don’t need to prepare myself to deal with this particular situation in future.  Just imagine practicing that talk. "Hi!  I had unprotected sex with my husband!"

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