Keep on the sunny side with Cathy Jones and Tom Wilson in Whitehorse

14 Dec

It’s amazing how many big-name entertainers come to perform in Whitehorse, but I rarely see them, partly because of family commitments, partly because I find it difficult to justify the cost.  For several weeks I have seen posters and heard rumblings about Cathy Jones coming to Yukon’s capital.  I didn’t pay much attention for the usual reasons.

But I got a surprise phone call around around 5:30 last night.  It was our neighbour, Atlatl Mike, asking if I could help him out.  Since Michael was out at a business networking event and I was in the middle of dinner, I cautiously said, "Well, maybe, but not right at the moment."  He said it was for later on.  The trouble was, he had this $40 ticket for a show at the Yukon Arts Centre, and no one to use it.  Would either Michael or I like to come with him?

Well, since Michael was out, I couldn’t answer for him, so I just decided for myself instead.  I was delighted to accept.

We were a bit late getting there, but it was a great show.  I must admit I’ve never really thought about Cathy Jones’s personal life, but Tom Wilson is her life partner, and it was fun watching their sweet and playful interaction on stage.  ("I married an American," says Cathy, "but I’m better now.")  We went to the 9:45 "adult show" – I have no idea what the earlier show was billed as, but there was definitely some mature humour going on at this one.  Well, perhaps "mature" isn’t the word for it, but stuff I wouldn’t want my kids joking about, anyway.

The show started off with music from Tom Wilson (he plays with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and has written music for Colin James, Billy Rae Cyrus, Jimmy Rankin, just to name a few.)  He finished his set with an unplugged round of Johnny Cash’s "Ring of Fire", which half the audience couldn’t resist singing along to.  Then Cathy came on and did a some raunchy stand-up comedy, and then they traded off again.  When Cathy came back the second time, she wasn’t Cathy anymore, but "Mrs. Enid".

The show wrapped up around 11:30 with a sing-along round of "Stay on the Sunny Side" (a song, I have just found out, with surprisingly difficult-to-find lyrics).  Cathy added her own little twist to it with the last two lines:

Let us trust in our Saviour a way ("if you believe in that sort of thing!")
To keepeth everyone in His ("or Her!") care

Quite the evening entertainment!  Thanks so much for inviting me, Mike!

And since it is, for some reason, difficult to find the non-camp version of the song on the Internet, here are the lyrics (taken from for your folksy music pleasure:

(Ada Blenkhorn and J. Howard Entwisle)

There’s a dark and a troubled side of life
There’s a bright and a sunny side, too
Though we meet with the darkness and strife
The sunny side we also may view.

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us ev’ry day, it will brighten all the way
If we keep on the sunny side of life.

Though the storm in its fury break today
Crushing hopes that we cherish so dear
Storm and cloud will in time pass away
The sun again will shine bright and clear.

Let us greet with a song of hope each day
Though the moments be cloudy or fair
Let us trust in our Savior, a way
To keep’th every one in his care.

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