Calling all Yukon bloggers for a bloggy brunch!

27 Dec
Hey, hey bloggy peeps!  If you’re an Urban Yukon blogger and you happen to be in Whitehorse this Saturday the 29th, then you’re invited to the first Urban Yukon meetup.  Yukon Jen, who is home for the holidays, brought up the idea on her blog a while ago, and a number of you said you liked the idea.  Michael and I are volunteering our home because we sincererly believe that none of you are maniacal axe-murderers or evil cat burglars.  And because we think it would be fun to meet everyone.
Michael posted the invitation on his blog a few days ago, but we sadly have not gotten many RSVPs, so I am posting it again, in case I’m more popular. *winks*
So, without further ado, Michael and I would like to invite all Urban Yukon contributors and their families to a potluck brunch followed by a bit of tobogganing on the infamous "Bobsled Run", constructed by the U.S. Army all those years ago.

When: Saturday, January 29th at 10:00am

Fawn and Michael’s place. Let us know you’re planning on coming and we’ll provide directions.

What to bring: A food contribution, warm clothes, and enough ridable, slide-able contraptions for you and your hanger-on-ers.

Please RSVP by commenting on this blog entry so Michael knows how many perogies to make.

You can also e-mail me, although I don’t really want to put my e-mail address on the blog – damn those web crawlers!  So here’s how you can get my address.  Mash my first name and last name together (hint: you can find my whole name on my Urban Yukon profile) and add the gmail dot com domain to the end.  Hope to see you on Saturday!

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