2007: Year in Review

1 Jan

One of my regular blog reads, Postcards from the Mothership, published this meme a few days ago.  I thought it would be interesting to look back at my year this way, so I gave it a whirl.  These are the first sentences of the first posts of each month in 2007:

1. Well, it’s January 1st, so it really is high time to get back into the blogging saddle again.
2. It was a short week for me, but I’m still glad it’s Friday!
3. As mentioned in the previous post, we attended the Cultural Festival at ATCO Place last night.
4. Argh!  I was going to make a posting about the delightful dinner we had last night with Father Claude in preparation from Jade’s upcoming baptism.
5. About a month ago, I read an article in the Yukon News describing an art project run by the Dawson Arts Society in Dawson City, Yukon.
6. Since the car is still in the shop (because we are awaiting delivery of the crucial part) and we decided to return the rental vehicle and make do with other means of transportation, and because this is, after all, the week of the Commuter Challenge, I biked to work today.
7. So those of you who are friends on Facebook already know that I was recording a demo tonight.
8. I went to bed last night at 12:45, after finally finishing the last page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
9. This past month Jade learned how to pucker up.
10. Wow, half the visit to Germany is already over!
11. I called my family doctor yesterday to confirm that he doesn’t do prenatal care.
12. Michael is the king of puns.

#3 reminds me that this was the year of the Canada Winter Games, something I didn’t think to mention in my annual newsletter (which finally got mailed yesterday).  I also had failed to realize that we had replaced the stupid springs in our old Volvo just this past summer!  I’m reminded, too, that I never made a follow-up post about the Yukon Women in Music recording project (I came in 14th out of 30, and the recording project is including the top 12, so I just missed getting picked, but am still involved in YWIM).  Harry Potter seems like so long ago, and Jade’s forgotten how to pucker.

Best wishes to all of you for 2008!

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  1. Les January 1, 2008 at 11:23 pm #

    Hello Michael and Fawn, I was just enjoying your pictures, you have a very nice little family, and excellent photographs, I love the wilderness places and photographing the wild animals… Les

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