Recovering from the holidays

3 Jan

Using up my last two holiday days was a great idea, even though it means no days off until April 1st at the earliest.  When combined with my regular Monday’s off, it allowed me to stretch the Christmas holiday from December 22nd all the way to January 1st.

The break at home with Michael and Jade was great, particularly since Michael was able to break from work the whole time, too.  But all that fun-making is a bit foreign to us, and it came with some costs. 

For example, Michael, Jade, Tim, Norris, Charmaine, and I all went sledding together one evening and while everyone had fun, I came away with a nasty bump on my arm.  While riding saucers down one hill in a "train" (Tim in front, Charmaine with her legs wrapped around his waist, and mine wrapped around Charmaine’s) we got turned around and ended up barrelling over to the edge of the sledding path.  The head of the train made it back, but I ended up walloping a tree.  I had enough presence of mind to shield myself with my arm, though throwing myself off the sled would have been smarter.  It was such a big thump, my arm was actually numb and the bruise didn’t show up until three days later.  It’s pretty spectacular, stretching for about 20 cm on the top of my forearm, with a smaller one on the underside, where I suppose my arm crashed into my ribs.  Fortunately, it didn’t hurt enough to suspect that I’d broken any bones.

On the evening of the 28th, Atlatl Mike and his partner Joanne had their annual music party.  We got there around 6 p.m. and I didn’t leave until midnight.  Michael and Tim stayed until almost 2 a.m. and Tim played his guitar almost the whole time.  He now has tendonitis in his strumming arm and the doctor has ordered him not to use it for a few days, and then take it easy for at least a week after that.  Good thing he’s a lefty!

I also managed to pick up another cold right after Christmas, though it looks like I managed to keep it to myself this time.  With all the parties we went to, we were partied out by New Year’s Eve and so we decided to stay home and watch Smallville Season VI instead.  Is that a sign of getting old?

Part of my recovery from the holidays is once again going on my no-sugar diet.  Long-time readers of my blog might remember that week I wasn’t allowed to eat any sugar during the Christmas season that I was pregnant with Jade.  When I returned to the doctor’s office at the end of the week, I’d LOST two pounds.  I know, it’s not much, but given that I don’t eat THAT much sugar and that I’d still been eating voraciously, as in every day of my pregnancy, it was pretty astonishing.

I’ve done it once or twice since then and, in combination with exercise, it’s done good things for me.  And even when I give myself permission to eat sweets again, I find I have smaller sweet tooth.  Since Michael’s about to go away for two weeks and I’ll have to do all the dog-walking, it seems like a good time to aim for a healthier lifestyle.

Hmm, I didn’t actually make any New Year’s resolutions, but this sounds dangerously close to one.

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