Jade at 23 months

4 Jan
There is less than a month left to go before Jade turns 2, so it must be time for an update.
Jade on Christmas morning; some friends are loaning us this old rocking horse for a while! 
Mama’s little helper
I’m continually astonished by the things Jade can do and understand.  The crafts she brings home from daycare are often far more sophisticated than I would’ve thought one could do with a 2-year-old.  This year, Jade helped me to decorate the tree.  She put some of the ornaments on the tree herself (including one she made herself at daycare) but the best part was putting the old-fashioned tin "icicles" on.  Her little hands can actually fit into the tube in which they are stored, and she handed them to me one by one so that I could hang them on the tree.  Sometimes they got bent when she was taking them out of the tube, and she would exclaim "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!" and give them to me to fix.  She was just as helpful when we took the tree down on Sunday.  I took the icicles off and put them on the floor in bunches and she picked them up one by one and put them back into the tubes.
Jade helps Michael fix the beater brush on the vacuum
Sing, Sing, Sing
Jade has always loved music, and she’s taken to singing on her own now.  One day when we were driving home she was singing something unintelligble to me, and gesturing and I was sure she was showing us something she’d learned at daycare.  When I asked her care-giver Michelle about it next day, I found out that she had been singing "Skinny-ma-rink".
On Tuesday, Jade was doing the Sandra Boynton "Pajama Time!" thing in the car.  I guess it’s not exactly a song, but it sort of is.  The last page goes like this:
(Hush, hush)
It’s Pajama Time!
(Hush, hush)
it’s pajama time

Good Night
Sleep Tight
Jade LOVES this book and especially loves the last page.  I was driving along the Yukon River and she was saying "Hush, hush" (pause) "Hush, hush" (pause) "shhhhh".
Yesterday Michael witnessed her doing a fair rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  Do I even have to tell you how my heart squeezes when I hear her making music?
Learning to play Uncle Tim’s ukelele 
Books, books, books
Speaking of books, Jade is obsessed with books right now.  If it were up to Jade, we could spend entire mornings doing nothing but reading one book after another, and many of them more than once!  Michael and I are both please to be raising a bookworm, although it can get a bit tedious when there are other things to get done.  Michael had a struggle getting Jade to go outside for some fresh air last night, although she loves being outside.  She just wanted him to sit and read to her, and she wanted to point out the animals and show us everything she knows.  Also, I think she was exercising her 2-year-old right to use the word "no" emphatically at every possible occasion.
Jade’s current favourite is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.  She knows what animal is coming up on the next page before we turn it and particularly loves the last page where all the animals are recapped and she can point them out to us one by one.  She’s also starting to learn colours now.
The family on Christmas morning
Jade’s last incisor is finally in, and her canines are starting to come out.  We try to remember to brush them every night now, but we do occasionally slip up.  It’s gotten more difficult, though; she used to enjoy tooth-brushing, but now she’s decided she doesn’t want to do it.  Fortunately, the daycare does tooth-brushing after snack each morning, so at least someone else is also looking out for her dental health three days a week.
Jade talks more and more each day and often parrots us.  Sometimes she spouts nonsense in a steady stream, but she’s using more and more two and three word sentences, and even uses the occasional "please" without prompting.  I can no longer keep track of the new words she’s learned, but some of my favourites are: "the end" at the end of every book, "there you go" (actually "dere go!") whenever she hands us something or puts something away in its place (which she loves to do), "lights" (or, as she says it "lieeees") which isn’t really a new word, but which became much-used over the Christmas holiday.  "Dee Dee" is Jade’s name for herself – again not something entirely new, but it just recently occurred to me to tell people that’s what she means.  In case you’re wondering, it’s because we usually call her "Jade Jade".
Jade really shocked me on Christmas morning when she opened up a toy a neighbour had brought for her, pointed at it and said, "Elmo!"  We’ve never had an Elmo at home, so this was clearly something she picked up at daycare.  It made me wonder what other kid-culture characters she knows that maybe I don’t even know.  She might be getting cooler than me already.
Jade’s first time on her bob-skates (Christmas gift from Norris and Charmaine)

And here we are practicing our routine for the 2020 Olympics

(Thanks to Tim for all the pictures except the vacuuming one, which Michael took.)

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