The devil (didn’t) make me do it – Part II

11 Jan
Part I was posted yesterday.
It’s possible that at other times I would have made a different decision, but this time I decided that the only thing to do was to phone the cash machine company.  Feeling foolish, I went into a meeting room so that the call would be more private (the joys of working in a cubicle) and dialed the toll-free number. 

"Help Desk, " I heard.
"You’re probably going to think I’m crazy," I said.  I explained the situation to him.
"Let me make sure I understood you," said the man. "You requested $160."

"And you got $180."


"So you got 20 bucks extra."


I must give him credit for not sounding completely incredulous as he clarified the situation.  The poor guy didn’t quite know what to do.  I didn’t have the cash machine receipt with me in the meeting room and I had forgotten to check the bank records online to make sure of the withdrawal amount on record.  I gave him my name and number and told him I’d call back when I’d gotten the rest of the information. 

He did thank me for my honesty and told me, "This is the way that you receive blessings."  To be honest, I had been hoping he’d just say I could keep the $20.  But blessings are good, too.

Off I went and checked my bank records online: there it was, a withdrawal for $161.20, so no problems there.  I got the receipt out from my wallet.

When I called back, Didier had left the office, but Mark took my call and started putting my reference number into his computer.

"You’re going to think I’m weird," I said.

"Am I?  Well, I’m ready to be entertained!" he said cheerfully.  "Oh yes, you’re the honest person who called in that everyone’s been talking about in the office today!"  Isn’t it heart-warming to know you can provide a good story for a whole office full of people you don’t know?  Hmm, I guess it’s not so different from blogging.

Mark told me that the cash machine is operated by Wal-Mart so I should call their cash office, and he gave me the number to call, if I should decide to do so.

Well, I’d gone this far, so why stop now? The woman in the Wal-Mart cash office sounded a bit guarded at first.  These poor people probably only ever deal with irate customers who’ve been short-changed at the machines.  When I explained what had happened, she said, "Oh, but the machines all balanced out in the last few days."  Which probably means that the poor guy who used the machine before me got short-changed $20 and didn’t notice it.  Since it’s been a few days and nobody has gone to the cash office claiming to be short $20,the woman told me I could just keep it.

Woo hoo!  Honesty does pay!

I wonder if this means I don’t get any blessings?

3 Responses to “The devil (didn’t) make me do it – Part II”

  1. Unknown January 11, 2008 at 11:47 am #

    You absolutely do get the blessing as well as the 20 bucks. It is indeed the thought (and the honest effort) that counts.

  2. Nemmy January 12, 2008 at 4:03 am #

    Isn\’t the $20, in itself, a blessing? Honesty is the best way to go (usually), and I think you\’re awesome for making the decision you made!

  3. Uncheck box & type name January 12, 2008 at 9:05 am #

    Hi Fawn!I used to work in a bank and loaded up the cash machines, balanced the cash amounts, etc… When loading the machines, the person has to quickly scan through the wads of bills and remove ones that are folded, torn, taped, and too wrinkly. I even found a counterfeit $50 bill once. Not all bills get caught, and machines, well, they\’re machines. As a result, it\’s not uncommon that bank machines either shortchange customers or give them an extra bill. For this reason, I have the following tips to make life easier if you happen to be shortchanged by a bank machine.1. Always request a receipt for your transactions.2. Always count your money before leaving the machine.3. Given choices, use your own bank\’s machines. If not available or inconvenient, use another major bank\’s machines. As a last resort, you can use those stand alone machines in convenience stores or wherever, but be prepared to go through a major hassle and time delays if you run into problems.And I must admit, having worked in a bank, it\’s very refreshing to come across honest customers.

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