The more you know

18 Jan

After Big Band rehearsals on Monday nights, some of the guys like to head out for a drink and munchies at the Kopper King. I say guys because there are only three other women in the band besides myself, but none of them usually come out for this. I’m not sure if they’re more responsible than I am about being alert for work the next day, or if they’re just way smarter than me in terms of avoiding chicken wings and nacho chips with all the fixins on a weekly basis.

I enjoy this part of the night because, as I mentioned earlier this week, there’s not a lot of actual socializing that goes on during rehearsals (which is just as it should be) so this is a good time to actually get to know a little more about my fellow band-mates. Don’t you find that the more you know about someone, the more interesting they become?

Last Monday, the subject of blogging came up and I got asked what the heck I keep a blog for, anyway. And isn’t it stressful coming up with things to write about?

Well, as I’ve said before, blogging started out as a way for me to keep friends and family in the loop about what we were up to in the far (or not-so-far) north. But gradually I started finding other people’s blogs and learning about their lives and getting to feel like these other blogging people were friends. (And in fact, some of them really have become friends offline, too.) I’ll say it again: don’t you find that the more you know about someone, the more interesting they become? Hmm, I suppose the corollary to that is that I hope you’ll learn about me and find me interesting, too.

Do I ever run out of things to say? Not really. No more than I run out of things to say to my best friends, but hey, I’m a pretty chatty person; I like to talk! And by that, I mean the kind that goes both ways, which is why I love to read and comment on other blogs. The discussion, the shared rejoicing, the sympathy in this community of bloggers – that’s what’s great about being a member of the blogosphere.

Nowhere did I feel that more than when I blogged about my miscarriage. Although I didn’t get a lot of comments on the blog post (thanks to Live Spaces!) I did get quite a lot when the post got imported into Facebook, and I got tons of e-mails. The outpouring of sympathy was so bracing, just exactly what I needed.

Blogging can be inspiring, too. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across a mommyblog that led to me writing a new song that has been wanting to be written ever since the miscarriage. I needed to do something to help – you know – process the experience. But I didn’t want to write something really depressing. Or trite. Or maudlin. This woman’s poem about her little daughter crystallized something in me. I won’t tell you any more about that right now because I’m hoping to share the song with you sometime soon and the story deserves its own post.

What can I say, I’m a people who needs people. Which is why a pint of, um, ginger ale with greasy finger food shared with good company is also a Good Thing in my book.


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