Jade turns 2

30 Jan

Jade drawingDear Jade,

You are turning 2 today and I feel so far away from you.  You’re spending the day at a friend’s house and I’m taking a change management course (is that irony?)  But that’s actually pretty good compared to last year, when we spent your first birthday at the doctor’s office getting you diagnosed with an ear infection.

The day got off to an exciting start.  We found that the continuing -40 weather had frozen our car up and since Papa is facilitating a workshop today and I couldn’t miss my course, we were scrambling to organize transportation.  Thank goodness your friends Bella and Louis were happy to have you visit them for the day, because getting you over to daycare just wasn’t happening!

Don’t worry, we’ll do something to celebrate tonight.  Papa baked you two cakes: one to take to daycare (and since you’re not there, you’ll get an even bigger piece!) and one to have at home with your family.  There’ll be presents, although I hardly know what you’re going to do with more toys.  The main thing is, we’ll all be together as a family, celebrating you, celebrating getting to know you these past two years.

Jade at 2 days oldThis is a picture of you when you were 2 days old – look how tiny you were!  Now you’re big enough to look at that picture and say, “Baby!”  You’re big enough to rock your dolls and ask me to sing lullabies to them.  Big enough to put your clothes away in your drawers (where they were previously nicely folded), to put on my shoes by yourself, and to give me a hug without my even asking for one.  You’re big enough to have regular meals and snacks where you feed yourself instead of spending an hour out of every three attached to your personal milk-machine. 

In other words, you’re big enough to be just a little independent from me on your birthday, celebrating with your friends.  But I can’t wait to pick you up this afternoon so that I can give you an extra-big birthday hug.  And then we’ll get right down to that cake Papa made you!

Lots of love,

2 Responses to “Jade turns 2”

  1. Stacie January 30, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    Happy Birthday Jade!!!

    Wow, time flies eh? It seems like it was yesterday when we were all eagerly awaiting news of the birth!!!

  2. Tine February 1, 2008 at 4:17 am #

    (Belated …) Happy B-Day from Germany, too !!

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