First kiss controversy, my eye!

8 Feb

Have you read my husband’s version of events for Valentine’s day 10 years ago? No? Well, I’m just responding to his silly story, so if you want to follow along, go on over and have a look.

Go on, I’ll wait right here for you.

(Hums a tune. Whistles. Looks around at all the paper scattered on the home office floor. Right, I really should file those.)

You’re back? Hi! Welcome back. Okay, so here’s the evidence:

Damning Piece of Evidence #1
Yes, we were all sitting around in Loeb lounge and conversation turned to Valentine’s Day (I don’t think anyone broke any silence to start the conversation, actually, but that’s not important). Yes, Michael offered to make dinner. But when he says I “hesitated”? No, no, no. There was no hesitation there was outright refusal. Adamant refusal. For several minutes, at least. I was not interested in any serious dating after the relationship I’d just ended.

But Michael was insistent. Persistent. Pesky, even. Finally, I didn’t have much of a choice but to give in. What kind of guy spends this much time wearing down a girl he’s not romantically interested in?

Damning Piece of Evidence #2
Cornish hens with a red currant glaze? Wild rice? Sparkling juice and mood music? Candlelight and a dark room? Excuse me, this is your idea of NOT a date?

So yeah, do you blame me for thinking he was looking for a kiss when he reached his arm up with his head in my lap? So maybe I’m responsible for kissing him first, but still, he started it! Isn’t this obviously a deliberate attempt to set the mood and lure me in?

Not to mention the fact that saying he really wasn’t interested is pretty darned insulting. Nyah, nyah! So there.

Aren’t we a romantic pair?

Anyway, the point is, you have no choice but to find him:

  • GUILTY: of plotting to get me to date him (and eventually marry him)

If you somehow think he’s not guilty, well, then you must think he was one naïve young man or something, so I’d like to hear exactly why you think he wasn’t scheming.

    It’s up to you to decide.  Have your say!


    10 Responses to “First kiss controversy, my eye!”

    1. Tine February 9, 2008 at 3:40 am #

      Well, it’s the men who are the “hunter-gatherers”, not the women, right ?! So it MUST have been HIM !!

      And, yes, Michael’s point of view REALLY isn’t very romantic – tell him that German men are WAY more charming (which, of course, isn’t true – but he doesn’t have to know that, does he ?!) …

      However – lots of love from Germany !!

    2. Marian February 9, 2008 at 7:34 am #

      Hey Fawn……read my comment on Michael’s blog. He’s definitely guilty of wanting to date you….but after all he has such good taste. As for the kiss….I’m not going there, but I certainly hope it was mutual!
      As I said on Michael’s blog….we’re just lucky things turned out as well as they did.
      Hope the “discussions” go away before the 14th and that you still get the traditional dinner!!!

    3. rationalpsychic February 9, 2008 at 9:33 pm #

      You had me at the head scratching.

    4. Chelle February 10, 2008 at 6:21 pm #

      Having met Michael at the *exact* same time that Fawn did and having witnessed the initial comings and goings between these crazy kids, I can confidently say that Fawn was not “playing” hard to get with Michael.
      She WAS hard to get.

      I remember on numerous occasions thinking to myself, “man, that Michael is one great guy and he sure is trying hard.”
      The way he would flirt with her in Psychology class. Pesky, Persistent, downright Distracting!
      If he weren’t so darned entertaining, I would have brained him with my $150 textbook!

      I knew they would end up together, but I never would have guessed how incredibly long and drawn out the lead-up would be! I am so glad to see the two of them still have enough of a spark to bicker at one another. Ah, love!

    5. Stacie February 11, 2008 at 4:11 pm #

      “You had me at the head scratching” – rationalpsychic


    6. Winluck February 12, 2008 at 12:13 am #

      The verdict:

      You are both guilty of love on the highest count as well as first-degree perfectness for each other.

      Have a joyous Valentine’s Day! 🙂

    7. Bob February 13, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

      I have to come to Mike’s defense here. Ya sometimes he makes up stories, he usually stretches the truth in most of his stoies, but he is an honerable guy. I doubt he had nefarious intentions.
      Your condemning evidence is that Mike has good taste! In food, In entertainment, and in women (even though it was obviously not his intention to provoke any kissing at this time).


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