Seeing things

17 Feb

Do you ever wonder if your kids can actually see things that you can’t? I know Jade’s eyesight is far better than mine, but I’m pretty sure I would spot a fish on our ceiling, or a chicken on our piano. We were sitting together in the rocking chair in the living room, Jade relaxing with a bottle after the walk we had with Nanuq (pleasant at -2° C). We were rocking and Jade would occasionally point to some random spot and tell me there was an animal there. She seems to be getting a bit of a cold again, but I don’t think she’s sick enough to be hallucinating.

I know it’s probably just her imagination and she’s just practicing her words, but I think it’s such a lovely, fanciful idea that children might be able to see things we’ve forgotten how to see.

It reminds me of a book I have on my juvenile fiction bookshelf: Julie, by Cora Taylor (who happens to be a Canadian author). The little girl in the book can see things that others can’t and also develops psychic powers. One of my favourite parts is a scene where Julie points at the autumn leaves falling from a tree and describes them as “dancers”; her family wonders where she could have learned about ballerinas, little knowing that she can actually see fairies flitting about in the foliage. (Apologies for the artless attempt at alliteration — gah! Can’t stop!)

Julie’s abilities turn out to be quite a burden and responsibility for her, and I’m not so sure I’d want Jade to have to deal with that. But the idea does make me feel vaguely nostalgic; I wish I could recapture some of the imagination I know I once had.


One Response to “Seeing things”

  1. shannon February 22, 2008 at 10:10 am #

    Allison DuBois’ books talk about if your kids are able to see spirits and how to help them cultivate this gift within them… very fascinating!!! I’ve never seen Maggie *see* anything that wasn’t there, but I hope to someday – that would be so amazing for her!!!

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