Swing into Spring!

17 Apr

So what if it snowed 5 cm last night? The sun is out for almost 15 hours these days and spring is definitely on it’s way! Now here’s your chance to celebrate spring in style!

Swing into Spring with The Big Band

I’m soooo excited that I’ll be singing at this next Big Band event! I’ve mentioned before how hyper I am after I come home from rehearsals on Monday nights, and I’m sure I’ll be the same after this dance, ’cause we’ll be doing 3 full sets (that’s 3 hours of live music!) of great tunes.

It’s been such a great experience for me, not only for the thrill of singing with a 16-piece band (I mean, how cool is that?!) but also stretching me to try things I haven’t done before. I’ve found that my vocal range has actually expanded, and I’m singing songs that I might previously have thought weren’t “my style”, that I didn’t think I could carry off, but are now favourites of mine.  (Here’s an example of one like that.)

Okay, okay, this dance isn’t all about me!  But I won’t be playing piano at all for this one, so you can’t blame me for being so focussed on the singing part!  One of the band’s former members is coming back to cover the piano.  It’s great watching him play; he goes about it much more intuitively than I do, and it’s inspiring to watch (not to mention fun to listen to!)  We’ll be playing, I believe, 33 tunes, and I’ll be singing for about half of them. The instrumentals will include standards like “In the Mood” and “Sing! Sing! Sing!” that everyone knows, even if they don’t know what they’re called.

Personally, I suck at dancing, so when I’m not singing, I’m looking forward to watching people at it; I’m not normally able to do that because when I’m at the piano, my eyes are glued to the notes on the page and to my fingers. There’s a set of pretty serious ballroom dancers in Whitehorse, and you can be sure they’ll be out; maybe I can pick up a move or two between vocal selections — ha, right!

Anyway, if you’re in Whitehorse, be sure to get your tickets soon. The last dance sold out, and we have fewer tickets for this event because there isn’t quite as much space at the Arts Centre.

Aaaaah! I’m psyched!

2 Responses to “Swing into Spring!”

  1. AdventureDad April 17, 2008 at 11:12 pm #

    That sounds like a cool thing. I wish I was more talented with musical instruments, I would love to play the guitar. And lets not even mention singing…


  2. yukonjen April 28, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    Hey Fawn,

    I forwarded this to my parents. I think they’d love it. I hope they go.

    Congrats! To you.

    One day. One day, I’ll be singing smokey blues to the tune of Etta James and Holy Cole.

    One day. Sigh.


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