An update (e-mail to Stacie)

23 May

Hi Stacie – thanks so much for the comment on the blog.

Michael and Jade are ensconced at the hospital now, while I’m at work.  Not actually getting work done, mind you…  I’ll start in a minute, I swear.  Jade’s been pretty normal since she “snapped out of it” (pretty much as soon as we got to the hospital), but she’s been cranky, probably because she’s tired.  One of the paramedics was saying people are often sleepy after a seizure, because it uses up a tremendous amount of energy.  After we had breakfast and got packed for the day (toys, snacks, diapers – Crap! the diapers are in the car, and I’ve got the car!) we drove down to the hospital and Jade actually fell asleep on the way there.  She woke up as soon as Michael took her out of the car, of course.

Anyway, I’m thinking I’d better get back to the hospital to bring the diapers.  I’ll probably use part of this e-mail as an update for my blog later…  Heck, I’ll do that first, and then go.  It’s already written, anyway.



One Response to “An update (e-mail to Stacie)”

  1. SassySandra May 23, 2008 at 6:46 pm #

    Oh my god Fawn, how terrible..
    I hope everything is OK. It’s a very scary thing, I know!
    Take care!!

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