Poor Nugget

6 Jun

I’m 17 weeks pregnant today, well into my second trimester, but my poor neglected baby-to-be hasn’t been getting much press on the blog these days.  I will attempt a belly pic later on today, though it’s always a challenge when you have to do it yourself.  Nugget’s already suffering from second-child syndrome.  With Jade, I had a belly pic posted on my blog every week starting around 14 weeks.  Ah, the trials of being a younger child.

I’ve gotten at least a dozen comments on my belly at work this week (including “You’re really blooming now!”).  Some (men) have just kind of done a double take at my belly, which makes me laugh.  (I put them out of their misery.)  I also got the first co-worker belly rub of this pregnancy.  I know that really offends some people, but it doesn’t really bother me; the woman who did it has four of her own kids, so I’m sure she’s seen her share of belly rubbing in her day.

There’ll be another Jade update sometime today, but I haven’t heard from Michael yet…  Yipes!  This is supposed to be a Nugget post!


One Response to “Poor Nugget”

  1. kara June 6, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    I loved having my tummy rubbed as well! All of the Inuit ladies liked to rub my tummy- and so did strangers when we went down south to have Hunter! I really didn’t mind; I think pregnancy is just such a wonderful and amazing experience that people want to be involved in. My favorite was some elders back up north who would rub my tummy and talk to it in Inuinnaqtun. I have no clue what they were saying, but I am sure it was nice!

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