A rambling hospital update

12 Jun

It’s 9:15 and we’ve still got just over an hour to wait before someone comes to put some EMLA cream (a topical anesthetic) on Jade’s hand in preparation for the IV she’ll have before she goes for her MRI.  As you can deduce, she didn’t end up having one on Monday, and we were finally told around 2:30 that it wasn’t happening for sure and that she could eat again.  It was frustrating, but at least the nursing staff were sympathetic and did everything they could to get us answers as soon as possible.  The logistics headache is just one of those things that happens in a big hospital.

The last few days have been busy, but not nearly as frustrating.  On Tuesday, Jade had her spinal tap and additional bloodwork done, the ones they were originally going to do while she was sedated for the MRI on Monday.  These tests required 12 hours of fasting, but that was fine because the procedures happened first thing in the morning, which was easy to coordinate since they didn’t have to take an MRI into account.

The anesthetic they used for the spinal tap (chloral hydrate) made Jade sleepy, but didn’t actually make her sleep… until an hour after the procedure, that is.  Anyway, they don’t consider it necessary for a patient to actually be fully anesthetized for a spinal tap, just sedated.  But it made me a bit leery.  There were about 6 people in the room to ensure Jade would be properly restrained.  Michael wanted to be one of them, so I had to stay out of the cramped room.  I could here Jade crying from outside, which was heart-wrenching; however, Michael told me afterward that she cried because they were putting the cold disinfecting liquid on her back, not because of a needle she felt.  She didn’t cry or struggle for the rest of it.  The anesthetic apparently also should prevent Jade from remembering anything about the spinal tap.  

The crummy thing was that we couldn’t leave the hospital because the anesthetic has a strange property of coming and going, so they wanted to keep an eye on her.  It’s actually not a drug they usually pick first because of the long time it takes to work and to wear off, but they used it because Midazolam didn’t work well on the last spinal tap.

Yesterday was a pretty easy day for us; Jade went and saw an ophthalmologist, had her pupils dilated (she didn’t like having the drops put in her eyes), and her eyes checked out.  I was impressed with how caring and in-tune the doctor was with Jade, and also with how well Jade cooperated.  I’ve had those drops put in my eyes and then had the light shone into them, and I hate it, but she hardly moved a muscle as the doctor looked into the back of her eyes.  We’re told that Jade’s eyes are perfectly normal, though she’s probably very slightly far-sighted; that was a bit of a surprise to us since Michael and I are both near-sighted, but apparently babies are born far-sighted and it’s more than likely hers are still changing.

So after the MRI today (barring any more urgent cases that come up and bump us out of the queue) we’re pretty much done here at the hospital, and we’ll probably be discharged by around 4:00.  

There are a few more details, like being moved in the night and the neurologists deciding to go ahead and switch Jade from Clobazam to Volpraic Acid, but Jade is now trying to escape the room, so I’d better run.

4 Responses to “A rambling hospital update”

  1. McMommy June 12, 2008 at 11:09 am #

    You are so good at keeping us updated. Hugs to Jade!!! and you!

  2. Opa June 12, 2008 at 1:19 pm #

    Thanks for the much awaited update kiddo. Let’s look at the bright side – with Jade being far-sighted I’ll keep an opening for her as our future business forecaster.

  3. martina June 12, 2008 at 11:49 pm #

    Hi there Yukon Mom,
    Just popping in, the emla caught my eye. It is OTC over here in the UK and i always get my little ones numbed up before heading in for immunisatiosns. Here is the website if anyone else wants more infor: http://www.iloveemla.co.uk.
    I am envious that you are living in the beautiful Yukon. I am in the city and there is still a chill in the air and it’s June!

  4. Omi June 13, 2008 at 6:19 am #

    hallo, dear, ich lese möglichst regelmäßig Euere Nachrichten um auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben.
    Seid alle ganz lieb gedrückt

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