Nugget makes h__self known

25 Jun
(Since we don’t yet know if Nugget is a herself or a himself, and I just can’t bring myself to use the supposedly-becoming-accepted “themself”. Because I am a geek that way.)

The first flutters of baby’s kicks can be so hard to discern, but I’m 85% sure that I felt a few little jabs today!  I’m so excited!  I’ll be hitting 19 weeks on Friday, which is practically halfway.  There’s been so much going on during this pregnancy that I haven’t had much time to think about it and it feels like the time has just flown by.  (Okay, well, it wasn’t flying by when I was nauseated and heart-burny, but I haven’t felt either of those symptoms in a few weeks — hurrah!)

I love feeling baby kicks, so I’ve really been looking forward to this part of the pregnancy.  Remind me about that if Nugget decides to wedge a foot up into my ribcage the way Jade so often did.

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday; I hadn’t been in almost 2 months and I didn’t realize that I was actually a bit tense about whether everything was going okay.  It was a pretty routine exam, except I saw Dr. Gillis instead of Dr. Gudapati.  Dr. Gillis was the emergency doctor when Jade was admitted to the hospital after her third tonic-clonic seizure, so we actually spent a lot of the appointment talking about how she was doing and how things went in Vancouver.  It was reassuring to hear Dr. Gillis say that there are lots of great drugs for controlling seizures and that we could expect to get them under control.  Just hearing someone say it with such confidence was nice.

Dr. Gillis then checked my fundal height and said, yup, I measure right around 18 weeks.  And then we got the Doppler out and there was Nugget’s heartbeat, thumping away reassuringly at about 144 bpm.

I weighed in at 161 lbs, and darnit, I forgot to ask what my initial weight was, so I don’t really know how much I’ve gained, but that’s 7 pounds in the last 8 weeks, so I think I’m on track.  How lovely to know that all seems well in Nugget’s world.

4 Responses to “Nugget makes h__self known”

  1. kara June 25, 2008 at 7:59 pm #

    Hurray! A happy little nugget in the oven!

    I remember the first time I thought I felt the baby move… hehe I was in bed, but then I rolled over and had a huge fart! hehehe I cannot believe I am telling people that one 🙂

  2. Beanie June 25, 2008 at 9:32 pm #

    How exciting! But I have to ask (because I don’t know, seeing as I’ve never experienced it and have always wondered): What’s worse? A kick in the ribs or a kick to the bladder?

  3. fawnahareo June 25, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    LOL, Kara, you’re a riot!

    Beanie, you know, I can’t tell you that, either. Jade never kicked me in the bladder, and she never really kicked me in the ribs, either. She just got some part of her wedged up there on one side so that my belly was strangely lopsided and, I must say, not entirely comfortable.


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