I must be crazy

11 Jul

You won’t see me around here this weekend because tonight we’re heading out to the Atlin Music Festival, where we’ll be spending the weekend. Atlin‘s about 2 hours away from Whitehorse and is technically in British Columbia, but Whitehorse is the closest city, so everyone there comes here for shopping and medical care and so on. Keep your fingers crossed that we won’t need any medical services while we’re there.

Most of yesterday evening was dedicated to preparing for our trip, since Michael and Jade are leaving this afternoon, and I’ll be heading down with Kelly and Nita (from The Big Band) after work is done. The band is playing a one-hour set on Saturday night, so it’s not crazy that we’re going to the festival; it is crazy that we’re planning to spend two nights out there in a tent and actually expect our toddler to sleep. These will be our first nights in a tent this summer, so it’s hard to know what how things will go. But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? And this festival is supposed to be great for kids, with tons of family-oriented activities. I’m really looking forward to it!

We’re also considering heading out to the Fort Liard area for a few days in early August, to attend the annual Petitot Gathering. This might be even crazier, because we’ll be 40 minutes from Fort Liard (the closest nursing station), about 90 minutes from Fort Nelson (the closest hospital), and it’s a 12-hour drive from Whitehorse. That trip will definitely depend on how comfortable we are with Jade’s epilepsy being under control.

But the craziest thing is the fact that I just signed up for a whole whack of courses at the Yukon Summer Music Camp in the last week of July. There’s a vocal jazz camp every day for a week starting at 5:30, and a 3-hour workshop on the weekend, plus I’ve requested a couple of private vocal and jazz piano lessons. Altogether, I’ve committed myself to over 12 hours of music instruction in a one-week period during which I’ll still be going to work. I’m really excited about what I could learn at these courses, but as I was filling out the registration form, I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s the pregnancy hormones that have caused me to take complete leave of my senses. I am so going to be a dead woman at the end of that week.


3 Responses to “I must be crazy”

  1. GypsyMilesFromNowhere July 11, 2008 at 10:51 pm #

    Hello, just came across your blog in my Google Alerts. I don’t know your precise location at the moment, but if you can, fill up at Contact Creek. We were at Dease Lake in the beginning of June and their fuel prices at Contact Creek were $!.30 pr/lt, Watson was about $1.40, Muncho lake only has the one Lodge open when we were through, and the fuel was $1.67. All of the other lodges at Muncho were closed and for sale–including Jack’s Double G Services.

    Are you planning to hit the Telegraph Creek Music Festival as well? It’s usually the last weekend of July. It’s beautiful country down there and the salmon should be running by now. I’ve got to call up tomorrow and find out. Be forewarned, the Cassiar Highway from the Alaska Hwy to about Boya Lake is really bad with frost heaves this year and there are crews working on new culverts on this side of Goodhope.

    Have a great time whichever way you go.
    Gypsy Miles From Nowhere

  2. Asheya July 13, 2008 at 9:07 pm #

    How did Jade do in the tent? Elias slept really well when we were camping in Dawson, and Eowyn slept even better, despite the light. Elias did wake up at about 5am the first morning whining crankily, “I’m cold,” but we solved that problem with a close snuggle!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. yukonchatterbug July 15, 2008 at 9:25 pm #

    Hey Fawn, you’re very brave. It’s nice that you continue with life as usual despite what’s going on with Jade. Hope all is well.
    I enjoyed hearing about the festival on Michael’s blog, and I tagged him, as I’m tagging you! pthththth!

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