For want of a nail…

17 Jul

Ya’ll know how the rest of it goes, right?

The whole weekend I was in Atlin, and half of this week, I was going around with only one earring. It wasn’t on purpose, it’s just that I got interrupted midway through putting my earrings in and haven’t been able to finish the job.

Y’see, I rarely change my earrings. Michael gave me a pair of gold nugget earrings as a wedding gift, and I practically never take them out. But I wore some dangly earrings to the YWIM Garden Party a few weeks back. Friday morning, I was just getting around to putting the gold nuggets back in.

I was in my PJs and for some reason I didn’t have my glasses on and also had not yet put my contacts in. I don’t know why I was putting my earrings in while blind as a bat; my only excuse is that things aren’t always logical in the early hours of morning. I leaned over to get a closer look at the mirror (because I was blind as a bat and have to be within 5 centimetres of the mirror in order to see anything) and in the process dropped the second earring. I didn’t know where it had gone. I didn’t hear the “ping” of the small piece of precious metal hitting the counter or the floor. I decided I’d better wash my hands so that I could put on my contact lenses so that I could look for my earring.

No sooner did I put my hands under the running water when I felt a little scratch at my wrist and heard “ping”.

“Uh-oh”, I thought. I squinted. Things came into a sort of fuzzy focus just as my earring got swept under the sink stopper and down the drain. (If you haven’t figured it out already, the darn thing had fallen into the cuff of my PJs. Before falling into the sink, that is.)

I shut the water off quickly and put in my contact lenses, then went into the bedroom and woke a still-slumbering Michael, telling him what had happened. He got right on the earring rescue mission while I got ready for work.

It might help to have a visual; here’s what our downstairs bathroom looks like. Well, what it looked like before we moved in and piled all our crap onto the counters (because there is no shelving behind that there mirror).

Our bathroom

Our bathroom

It’s pretty, isn’t it? It’s also pretty impractical. The bathroom renovation was done by the last owners, shortly before listing the house. I hate having to clean around the raised bowl. I hate that the faucet always comes loose and then we have to crawl under the counters to re-tighten the bolt. I hate that the mechanism for working the drain stopper never works, no matter what we do to it, and the workings of it just get in the way of stuff going down, which means the sink clogs up easily. And I hate that there’s nowhere close to the mirror to keep my toiletries.

Michael opened the doors below the sink to get to the U-Bend and I remembered that when I’d first moved in, there had been a leak, which I’d fixed using plumber’s tape. In order to get the cap off the bottom of the pipe, Michael first had to fight through several layers of sticky material. He managed. No luck finding the earring, though. He fought with more plumber’s tape and took off the whole U-bend. Still no luck. He unscrewed the top of the drain plug and shone a light down the drain. Aha! We could see the little earring, nestled in some truly disgusting drain gunk, totally out of reach. He got a piece of wire and started pulling up a stinkload of grossness, but the earring remained elusive. In fact, we couldn’t see it anymore. Michael figured it must’ve fallen into the side hole where the lever for the plug mechanism comes through. So he loosened all the bolts or whatever seemed necessary and tried lifting the sink up and off the counter. A few counter tiles came up with it. Damn.

After that, he had to get Jade out of bed and start getting ready for our trip to Atlin. And we haven’t gotten back to the rescue mission yet. So there my earring still lies, in an unusable sink with no drain attached. I’ve been washing my hands in the shower stall and brushing my teeth upstairs.

Tim is now suddenly interested in renovating the bathroom. While I would love to get rid of this stupid set-up, we’ve already got a whole lotta renos going on. And Tim’s talking about replacing the entire vanity so we have less counter-space to clutter up. (I don’t think that’s the solution, Tim.) But we’re going to have to fix the sink, anyway, so something has to be done in there.

All this because of one little gold nugget. Oh, and that little thing called gravity.

For the record, I’m not wearing any earrings now.

6 Responses to “For want of a nail…”

  1. Beanie July 17, 2008 at 5:56 pm #

    Those sinks are beautiful to look at, but they’re completely, totally impractical to live with.

    I’d be really careful about replacing something like the vanity. Chances are that it’s only going to open up a whole new can of worms, especially because you’re unlikely to find one the exact same size – then you have to deal with things like wall repairs, replacing the floor and maybe even moving/changing the connection for the plumbing. I’d probably get someone in to see about fixing the damage first. Bathroom are kitchen fix-ups are notorious for snowballing.

    In terms of storage, most people don’t think to utilize the space above the toilet. A lot of companies these days manufacture nice, modern over-the-toilet cabinets or you could also buy a few wall shelves with brackets (which would be a pretty cheap storage solution). I’d either get glass shelves or paint wood ones to blend in with the wall (they take up less visual space that way) and keep all your toiletries off the counter. If you used baskets on the shelves, they’d keep items less visible and more organized.

    A piece of art hung on the back wall (above the TP holder) would be a nice touch, too, and would act as a focal point for when you walk in.

  2. maleesha July 18, 2008 at 6:19 am #

    Oh, geez, I really feel your frustration! Once we had a cat that crawled into the ceiling via the water heater/pipes, and fell down a wall. We had to stop everything we were doing and go knock down walls. It led to about three months of new things to fix.

  3. Nita July 18, 2008 at 10:47 am #

    Would Michael be interested in coming over to my house and ripping out my shower plumbing to rescue my 25th anniversary ring that Kelly bought me when we went to Hawaii? Kelly says it’s too much work and so my beautiful ring is lost down the drain forever…

  4. yukonchatterbug July 18, 2008 at 12:33 pm #

    Fawn: Whenever I see those sinks in the hardware store, I wish I had one. They’re so pretty and unique. After reading this, though, I remembered out “pretty and unique” usually amount to “impractical.” Thanks for the reminder.

    Beanie: You want to come over and give me tips on interior decorating? You sound like a pro from some “House & Homes” magazine or TV channel. Pretty please?

  5. Mamasphere July 19, 2008 at 9:42 am #

    I get so nervous whenever my husband wants to do something around the house- once we start a project, it takes forever to finish! Good luck with your bathroom redo. It could be lots of fun to finally get it the way you want it.

  6. McMommy July 20, 2008 at 6:38 pm #

    Ok…here I was drooling over your bathroom….wishing one day I could have a bathroom like that….and then you say how awful it is! AND I LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!

    I never thought about how much work it would be to clean around the bowl, etc.

    Thank you so much for bursting my bubble. SERIOULSY!! My husband thanks you as well!

    Also so happy that you found the gold nugget!

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