Jade at (almost) 31months

24 Aug

Michael and Jade got home from Vancouver early yesterday afternoon, both very tired but happy to be back.  Even though Jade had a soother in her mouth, was reclining in her stroller, and was drooping with sleep, her eyes lit up when she saw me.  She pointed at me, smiled around her soother, and exclaimed, “Mama!”  That does a mother’s heart good.

The trip went pretty smoothly, from what I understand.  The EEG on Thursday went well; because it took place during her nap time, she fell asleep much faster than she did for her first EEG.  Friday was a “reduced activity day” at the hospital for some reason, and Michael said it made for a much more relaxing visit when they met with Dr. Demos, since the appointment wasn’t as rushed.

Dr. Demos tested some of Jade’s reflexes, did some exercises with her to test her comprehension, and asked questions about her development.  Even though Jade has now started make three, four, and five word sentences, the doctor thinks it would be a good idea for us to look into some developmental testing, since we were concerned about it for a little while. 

The doctor also said that they want to treat Jade’s epilepsy aggressively because of the sudden onset; apparently it doesn’t always start so violently.  We have a schedule for increasing the dose of Jade’s medications; if that doesn’t help, we’ll be referred to a neurologist at the Children’s Hospital who specializes exclusively in epilepsy and will start looking at the ketogenic diet.  I rather like this approach because I do think Jade’s condition has improved, so we’re seeing progress and it makes sense to me to stay on this path to see where it leads, but we also won’t be expected to try ten different drugs before considering an alternative method of treatment.

Dr. Demos was concerned about Jade’s weight.  Funnily enough, we were quite worried about her gaining too much weight on the Valproic Acid, since that’s one possible side effect.  Instead, we haven’t seen much of a change at all and in fact, from the hospital’s records, it appeared that Jade had lost weight.  Michael and I both think they got a bad reading when we were there the first time because every other time we’ve weighed her, it’s been pretty consistent.  Apparently, not gaining any weight at all in three months didn’t seem right to the doctor, either.  I don’t know.  I think toddlers tend to grow in spurts and Jade hasn’t been eating much lately, but she doesn’t seem hungry.  I’m not sure it’s something I should be too worried about right now.

I’m sure the best part of the trip to Vancouver by far was all the visiting Michael and Jade got to do with my sister and her husband “Pedro”.  They moved to Vancouver just a month ago, and I’m so excited that they’re so much closer to Whitehorse now.  The four of them had supper together every night and they had breakfast together before heading off to the airport yesterday morning.  I understand Jade and my sister get along swimmingly.  Nem also gave Jade a monkey wearing nurses scrubs, which Jade has been dragging around everywhere since she got home.

Let’s see, in other Jade development news, Jade has finally decided to start counting from one once in awhile; just a few weeks ago, she insisted on always started at three.  She’s also getting very good at identifying colours and can tell us that things are yellow (her favourite, apparently), red, green, blue, or pink with deadly accuracy.  Orange is “yellow” in her world, but we’re working on it. 

She can partially dress herself now; she puts on her own socks and pants, although pulling up the back of the pants is challenging.  She needs help getting her shirt over her head, but does the arms herself.  We have to do buttons and start zippers for her, but she’s a champ at taking everything off! 

Jade’s also still very much into music and has taken to asking Michael to play her Elmo’s Song (from Sesame Street) every time he gets out his laptop.  She can be quite insistent and emotional when we tell her it’s not time for Elmo’s Song.  I must admit, it’s quite catchy.  Listening to it once will have it in my head for days…

One Response to “Jade at (almost) 31months”

  1. McMommy August 25, 2008 at 4:54 pm #

    Jade is so beautiful! What a happy pic of her above there!

    It sounds Jade has the perfect trinity of mom, dad, and doctors looking out for her.

    I thought it was funny that she calls orange “yellow”…because calls red “yellow”!

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