Thank goodness for the French

1 Sep

I was at a friend’s house a few days ago and I was feeling thirsty.

“Is it okay if I help myself to the juice?” I asked, peering into the fridge.

“Sure,” said my friend.  It was apple juice in one of those translucent plastic jugs.  She shook her head wryly and observed that her eldest won’t drink any juice but apple juice.

I poured myself a pretty big glass and had a big gulp.  Strange, I thought, it doesn’t taste quite like apple.  I had another sip or two.  Not unpleasant, a very slightly bit fizzy.

“It tastes like someone added club soda to this,” I remarked.  My friend looked at me.  “It’s a bit bubbly,” I elaborated in response to her blank look.

She got out a glass and poured some for herself.  “I don’t remember buying any soda,” she said with a look on her face that was half laughter and half terror.  She had the tiniest taste.  “Maybe it’s gone bad.  I don’t think you should drink that.”  I laughed when she decided to make grape juice instead of apple.

I suspect that the apple juice was starting to turn to cider.  As I said, it didn’t taste bad, and I certainly would have stopped at first taste if I’d detected alcohol.  Still, it’s possible that the teeniest, weeniest amount was there.  Thank goodness I know that in many parts of the world, pregnant women consume moderate amounts of wine or other alcohol with seemingly little effect on the baby.

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5 Responses to “Thank goodness for the French”

  1. Simply Shannon September 1, 2008 at 8:11 pm #

    Oh phew. I was so worried that you were going to say you accidentally drank someone’s pee.
    Slightly alcoholic apple juice isn’t so terrible.

    LMAO! Now I feel even better!

  2. Barbara September 2, 2008 at 5:54 am #

    Reinforcing (you probably don’t need it) your decision to midwife…..

    Thanks for the link, Barbara. The midwifery advocacy group I’m involved in (Yukoners for Funded Midwifery)has been talking about having a screening of this film in Whitehorse; we’re planning to do it sometime in October. From the link, I see it’s now available on DVD, which makes a screening much easier to do than before it was released!

  3. Kara September 2, 2008 at 6:41 am #

    ahaha I was thinking pee too!

    And fetal alcohol effect is very much present in countries where woman consume even a bit of alcohol. You don’t even need to be drunk to damage to a fetus. Woman who have had one or two drinks have had children with FAE. I was part of the FAE committee in Kugluktuk, so I spent a lot of time researching it. Symptoms of FAE are very similar to ADHD and the testing for ADHD is cheaper so that label is passed around.

    I guess what I was getting at was that I wouldn’t go into paroxysms of fear over the possibility that I’d ingested a sip of alcohol. I didn’t realize that just one or two drinks (during the entire pregnancy?!) could cause FAE, though. Thanks for the reminder as to why it’s important to abstain from alcohol while pregnant.

  4. jamespeter September 2, 2008 at 10:52 am #

    According to my opinion alcoholic apple juice also terrible to our many members says it is not terrible but it is not correct.
    Alcohol Treatment

  5. Mamasphere September 2, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    I know what you mean! No need to rush to the ER for an accidental sipping of fermented apple juice.

    I wonder if she would’ve noticed on her own before giving it to her kids! She would’ve been wondering why they were burping and acting a bit more wobbly than normal, lol.

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