Up the wall

8 Dec

Jade’s doing really well on her diet.  She’s now been on it for six weeks and we’re starting to see a little more consistent seizure control.  I actually have half a post written up about Jade and her diet.  I hope to finish sometime this year.  But today I just wanted to post about a little surprise.

We’ve been a bit concerned about Jade’s weight lately.  She’s by no means overweight, of course.  She’s always been on the dainty side, apparently having gotten Michael’s fast metabolism.  She hadn’t gained any weight, though, since her seizures started in May.  That was one concern.  Then, after she dropped a bunch of weight at the beginning of the diet (not uncommon, especially since she hardly ate at the start) she started gaining weight and actually surpassed the plateau where she’d previously been stuck.  That’s a concern because kids on the ketogenic diet aren’t really supposed to put on any weight.  They may put on some if they grow, of course, but they tend not to grow a lot because of the nutritional restrictions.  Generally, weight gain means they’re getting too many calories, something the dietician watches out for, since 90% of the calories come from fat.

I finally remembered to measure her height, today.  There’s a wall where we keep track of her growth, with pencil marks dating back to early 2007.  The last time we’d measured her was October 13.  We tried to measure her again a week or two after we got back from the diet initiation, but Jade wouldn’t hold still and Michael gave up when his marker showed she’d shrunk — ha!  Well, today she stayed still enough to get a good measurement, and she’s grown more than a centimetre!  She went from 93.3 cm to 94.7 cm, and I think most of it happened last month.  So perhaps that explains some of the weight gain.  Whew!

3 Responses to “Up the wall”

  1. Captain Momma December 8, 2008 at 9:46 pm #

    Can’t wait to hear about Jade and the diet and how it’s all going. Have you been able to get all the stuff you need for it? Is it relatively easy to make and follow? Does it need more organization as in a time specific thing, does she need something to eat every x amount of time? Will be interesting to hear.

    The soup recipe looks great!

    Take care, thanks for the well wishes,


  2. Jenny December 9, 2008 at 3:26 am #

    At Naomi’s 6 week check up she was 1/4 inch taller (don’t know how that translates into cm). So she grew that much in 6 weeks! The scale showed she was up 1 KG too, but it’s not the same scale they weighed her on when she was admitted 6 weeks ago, I’m just thankful they didn’ t see that and want to cut calories! She’s got her Daddy’s crazy fast metabolism too! OHHHHH what I wouldn’t give for ANY metabolism at this point! HA

  3. taibhsearachd December 9, 2008 at 10:58 am #

    Fawn, I’ve been thinking about Jade and wondering if there are any Christmas treats she is allowed to have on her diet, or are their recipes for special treats that you would be willing to post? I would love to know more about exactly what is allowed on this diet.

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