Help is on the way

12 Mar

I was pretty discouraged by the end of today.  A wailing, fussy, non-sleeping baby, a frightfully messy kitchen, and a keto kid who refused to swallow half her food do not a happy Mama make.

(Jade aside: Getting Jade to eat is becoming so discouraging as more and more recipes go into the dustpile.  Former favourites — like bacon or eggs — suddenly don’t cut it anymore, and a couple of times she has gone beyond gagging and actually thrown up.  Our dietician suggested in an e-mail that Jade’s ketosis might be too strong; ketosis curbs appetite, so she might truly not feel hungry, despite eating less and less.  I’m not sure what the remedy is, but I’ll be following up on this one for sure.)

At the end of the day it’s just exhausting to stand in a kitchen full of dirty dishes and think about what could possibly tempt the child to eat the next day and, oh my God, it’s too much to even fill the dishwasher right now, but otherwise I’ll have no little bowls left to put on the gram scale.

I perked up for several reasons, though.  One is that Michael mentioned that our weekly cleaner (whose schedule has fluctuated a lot lately because of medical travel and now spring break) is coming tomorrow morning.  Yes!  I won’t wash dirty dishes after all!  I will leave them for her!  Second, Jade woke up needing a diaper change, which normally wouldn’t be a good thing, but she was so happy and chirpy and cuddly and funny, I couldn’t help feeling better after I’d tucked her back into bed.

To be fair, we’ve been getting ongoing support from neighbours and friends and the church community.  The church families have continued to bring us food twice a week, friends and neighbours have helped with dog-walking and with baby-sitting here and there.  Joanne from next door called me earlier this week and mentioned that since she’s on holiday while school is out for spring break, she’d be happy to come help any way she can.  I can only imagine what a complete and utter basket-case I’d be if it weren’t for this continued show of love and support.  I’ve come way too close to basketcase-itis as it is!

Happily, these long days of too many demands and not enough Mama to go around may soon get a little easier.  Our social worker told us recently that she had finished working on our family plan and that we should soon be getting some funding so that we can hire someone to help me during the day.  I was hoping to have someone help for at least a couple of hours a day a few times a week — but I wanted as much help as I could get, of course.  I was completely floored, though, when I learned that the proposal she created will enable us to hire someone for up to 36 hours a week!

<insert choirs of angels here>

I put an ad in the paper and got several calls from people who want to be a “mother’s helper”.  This morning we interviewed the first one, and we’ve got several more interviews lined up in the next few days.  The things I might be able to achieve with a little help!  I might be able to figure out how to tempt Jade to eat again by having the time to experiment with new recipes.  I might be able to be more consistent with potty training.  I might actually be able to establish a routine for Halia.  I might eat a few cooked vegetables now and then.  I might get my taxes done this year!

Lofty goals, I know.  Hey, that’s the glory of parenthood.  But when the reward you reap is a giggly little girl all snuggled up to her monkey in bed, well… it’s a mighty fine harvest.

6 Responses to “Help is on the way”

  1. Nemmy March 13, 2009 at 4:27 pm #

    Maybe having a new audience will help with the eating, too… Michael was having a heck of a time feeding her his second night here, but when Mike and I showed up she was suddenly more willing to finish up. (Though that could have been my imagination, too…)

    Maybe the novelty effect will help.

  2. Idania March 13, 2009 at 5:43 pm #

    Fawn, I am continually floored by your optimism. You manage to turn things over so you see the silver lining. Dirty dishes? Helper coming over.
    Hungry baby in a public place? Whip out the boob and feed her(that is fearless, by the way!).
    Birth plan not quite how you imagine it? You get another beautiful girl!
    Jade not eating? You *never*, never give up and look for more things that she might be interested in.

    I can’t reach you, but please, please pat yourself on the back!

  3. MommyTime March 13, 2009 at 5:53 pm #

    What great news! I hope you find a wonderful helper and get a little bit of time for yourself every. single. day. Many hugs.

    And hugs props on the grocery store feat the other day. That is awesomely impressive.

  4. Captain Momma March 13, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

    Wow. I’m pathetic if I whine about what I have. But what awesome news about being able to get a helper paid for!!! Amen for that and 36hrs a week! Hang in there, you’re doing such a good job. And yes, way to go for feeding in the lineup!

    Will be praying,


  5. Sue March 16, 2009 at 8:17 pm #

    Gosh, I wish I had some keto meal ideas for you. Dermot is not a very picky eater. Do you have the egg nog recipe? I’ve made that before and freeze it so Dermot can appear to have an ice cream like substance, plus if he doesn’t eat it all it doesn’t matter as much because it’s the correct ratio.
    This keto diet is hard! I’m sick of all the tiny dishes too!

  6. Asheya March 16, 2009 at 10:36 pm #

    That would be so great if you got a helper! I can tell you from experience, it definitely makes a difference. My helper comes about 9-12 hours a week, so I imagine 36 hours would be amazing!

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