23 Oct

It makes me want to cry.

Jade asked for sausages for breakfast this morning.  “Okay,” I said, “we can do that.”  Then Michael mentioned that Halia had had watermelon for breakfast.  Jade said she wanted watermelon, too.  I said, “okay, Jade.  It will just be a small piece, but you can have some watermelon.”

I got her breakfast ready and put down three things in front of her.  A ramekin with the sausages, another one filled with vegan margarine and coconut oil, and the lid from one of the ramekins with a tiny piece of watermelon, smaller than your average playing die.

Jade was sitting on Michael’s lap and the first thing she went for was the watermelon.

“Mmmmm!” she said in delight.  And started in on her sausages.

All I could see was how tiny that piece of watermelon was.  But Jade?  Jade was happy that she got some watermelon.

6 Responses to “Trooper”

  1. Captain Momma October 23, 2009 at 11:57 am #

    Awww….an amazing gift she is 🙂


  2. Jenny October 23, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    Wow! If I wanted chocolate and someone gave me a piece of a chocolate shaving, there’d be hell to pay!
    Naomi’s eating a lot of watermelon lately. It’s about the only fresh fruit that still tastes like it’s in season, besides apples, which are in season 🙂
    Don’t tell Jade, Naomi gets 27 whole grams of watermelon! If Jade could have seen her throwing it on the floor to the dog, she’d have wanted to slap some sense into her!

  3. Adventures In Babywearing October 23, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    Oh honey, I think about this still, and we’ve been off the diet almost 3 years now.

    Keto kids are precious.


  4. Meandering Michael October 23, 2009 at 7:00 pm #

    Happy with what she has and not bemoaning the things she doesn’t – Jade has been my greatest teacher ever.

  5. MFA Mama October 23, 2009 at 8:15 pm #

    Doesn’t that just kill you? On gchat I mentioned how unamused my kids were by their flu shots yesterday. The first kid was eight, and very nervous, but wanted to seem brave so he rolled his own sleeve up and then sat there with tears in his eyes shaking like a leaf. Apparently the anticipation was the worst part because he laughed afterward, saying “that’s IT? Piece of CAKE!” (that kid later recanted and complained that his arm was going to fall off, so that’s three of three who weren’t amused in the long run). I praised him for setting a good example and we went to the next kid down the line by age. The second kid was in a foul mood because he didn’t feel so hot (the older two had a virus but tested negative for flu so everyone got shots), and has a developmental delay besides. Which meant I’d already had to bear-hug him after the nurse explained the nasal swab for influenza and tried to do it, and he tried to slap her for messing with his face. So I restrained him again for the shot for his and the nurse’s safety, and he roared in what was obviously more fury than pain and was more interested in trying to punish everyone involved when I let go afterward than nursing his injection site. Limited sympathy there. The third kid just turned four and is tiny for his age; he has some physical issues but is developmentally precocious. He’d already gotten stuck for a CBC to see how anemic he was, cried, and gotten over it, and clapped for his oldest brother when I praised his bravery, but when the second kid lost his junk over getting bear-hugged for the shot the third kid got scared. When the nurse said it was the third kid’s turn he ran from us and jumped in the first kid’s lap, sobbing. I picked him up and told him it was just a LITTLE poke, not as bad as a “butterfly” (type of needle for drawing blood samples) and he sobbed “but I already GOT a poke and it’s not FAIR, nobody ELSE had to have two pokes!” I told him I was sorry but he needed this to keep him safe from getting sick with the flu, and he…sighed and cooperated without being restrained, because he’s known nothing but medical interventions since he was seven weeks old and has learned that it’s easier if you don’t fight, and thanked the nurse afterward.

    And that is the kid who made me and the nurse feel like criminals. Sometimes it hurts your heart more when they’re a good sport about something rough than if they’re totally unreasonable like you’d expect from a kid their age, doesn’t it?

  6. Marie October 24, 2009 at 10:35 am #

    Keto-kids are amazing ! Kudos to Jade for gracefully accepting what she can have and not focusing on what she is missing!

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