5-minute post: the long weekend

24 May
  • Saturday was an amazingly beautiful sunny day.  Mostly I was packing food and trying to get ready for a camping trip, but also I got to visit with some neighbours and eat a homemade peach tart.
  • Also, I was trying to keep things happy and low-stress, so as the afternoon wore on and the preparations continued, we agreed we’d leave on Sunday morning, instead.
  • Michael drove out to Marsh Lake to see if the water was high enough to put in the sailboat.  It wasn’t, so we figured we’d aim for Tagish, which was doable according to the Carcross/Tagish Visitor Information Centre.
  • We didn’t leave until almost 11 a.m., but, whew, we did it!
  • Packing for two days of camping for a keto kid, a man with allergies, a child without functioning molars, all while trying to keep actual cooking to a minimum = challenging!
  • Our first stop was the Carcross Desert.  The kids loved playing in the sand, Nanuq loved chasing his tennis ball in the wide open space, and we fed a few grains of rice to some wandering ants while we ate our picnic lunch.
  • Next we drove to Carcross.  The water level was good enough for launching, but the launch site was a bit too challenging for our first launch and our untested outboard, so we gave it a pass and drove on.
  • At Tagish we discovered lots and lots of trucks pulling boat trailers, but the water level wasn’t high enough to launch our sailboat, so we took a different road and looped back toward Whitehorse.
  • Back at Marsh Lake (about half an hour from home), we found a campsite and decided a night out on the boat on land was still a good night out.
  • Walking around a campground on May 2-4 weekend is a recipe for losing your faith in humanity.  The rudeness, the drunkeness, the loud cursing, loud generators, barking dogs, and rude quadders… thank goodness the noise is a little buffered inside the boat.
  • The girls loved all the beaches we stopped at on our two-day trip.  Nanuq did, too.
  • It’s amazing how much LIFE there is in the rocks and sands.  We found clamshells (teeny-weeny ones half the size of my pinky nail), snail shells, wriggling worms, beetles, and more.
  • Jade is at a perfect age to appreciate small life and was thrilled to hold a butterfly we found (dead) on the road.
  • Halia is just the right age to appreciate all the things she can stuff into her pockets.  Lord save me.
  • Wow, this is a boring post.  I think I’ll post some of my favourite pictures.  That’s the ONLY thing that’s taking me past my 5-minutes.  Um, actually, it’s been 11.  D’oh!

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2 Responses to “5-minute post: the long weekend”

  1. Captain Momma May 25, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    I am glad you had some fun!!!

    They have started banning alcohol at some of the popular camp sites on a couple weekends for the same reason. It was actually tons quieter here than I expected. Probably due to the cold and rain 😦

    Hopefully you’ll get a good sail in soon!

    We try camping with Great Gramma in 2 weekends, so we’ll see how that goes!!!


  2. Barbara May 26, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    NOT boring to me! Love camping and vicariously experiencing yours (esp vicarious on diaper-changing in the wild). I wasn’t willing to take ours until they were potty trained.

    I can’t imagine how much food prep you had to plan for – but the photos bear-out a wonderful family experience.

    Well, except for the noisy people – funny we never really had that problem here (state parks TX).

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