Spammy goodness

12 Mar

Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Jen of Jentography wrote a post called Spam Love, in which she transformed some of her spam comments into beautiful Valentine’s greetings.

I happened to look through my spam folder today, and inspired by her post, I wanted to share a couple with you.  I won’t share them as artfully as she did, but let the words speak for themselves.

“When I firstly saw your web, I’ve been around in many pages that I’ll use to get my final assignment. I googling with my short idea in my brain, and then I met with useful article. I hope you can give several advices to me, because your knowledge is great, it can help many students to get great score in every task or project.”

Would you believe this person went on for at least 15 more sentences?  I believe, sir, it’s not just a short idea in your brain that you have.

However, this, by far, was the pearl of the day:

“I could not rely upon my eyes that I gave up so in all likelihood deceived. When we arrived at the direct it turned manifest that nothing in the flier was no dash to reality. All of the rooms, and ordered them together seven, were in disarray. Unbiased the bed linen not changed flourishing our arrival. We got at most a niggardly dinner and we were told to split up the rooms. I slow favourite do not hold how pissed away the authentication he was my husband. He alongside does not like to aside harmonize to pieces anywhere, and in no notwithstanding at all I managed to cull him dated on sabbatical this happened to us such a setback. It’s so frustrating that as done as we wanted to dawdle with friends, a abstain equal on all and virtuous tone down, we had to work on these scammers. I common-sense of apologetic after most of this, that our children intent invite nothing to do. They array be bored, and in compliance it is known that something armor. It annoys me that it literatim could not crack the promised things, because cipher of us like de factoring did not remember what he says. It turned out that a issue could serve to higgledy-piggledy and do not work this piece of the homeland what is needed. Nervously checked the dispatch, but systematize nothing. All evening we had to banquet out on the bed, where without rest era mattresses and bedding smelled like dog. The kids covered the sleeping model, what stroke of luck that I had hurl them in the inimitable two secs to the car.”

I suspect this was an actual post or review somewhere, but originally written in another language.  My favourite part is the “niggardly dinner”.  I definitely won’t be going… wherever it was these people were.

Although since I have no idea where that was, I can only hope that I never get tricked into booking this place for which the flier was no dash to reality.

3 Responses to “Spammy goodness”

  1. Nemmy March 13, 2011 at 7:35 am #

    Sounds like an essay I wrote once when I and replaced every word with synonyms I found in the thesaurus… (Haha… ok, not quite, but I do love it).

  2. jen March 13, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    That was just crazy. I had no idea what she(?) was trying to say. But I find that with poetry as well. lol Too funny.


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